hot shots

Shockingly follows the same formula as the other years 😂. Hey, whatever works:

$19.50 for the calendar if you’re finding Google Calendar inadequate.  According to the FAQ proceeds from it go towards a good cause – the Help For Heroes charity.

Thoughts?  I’m sure someone is going to point out safety violations and the beer / guns mix 😭😂 I know I can always count on you fellas.

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These promo videos they make are always interesting:

I’m like 1 minute into the video and they are really trying to sell me on the drinking + guns thing. Ok….

1:36 – Smoking and filling up with fuel?  Yea sure it looks fake / staged, but now they’re just trolling.

Hmmmm whatever *shrug*.  Is buying physical calendars with girls on them still a thing people do in 2017?  You buying one?

They are $17 on the Hot Shots website if you’re interested.


Here’s a behind the scenes video of the newest calendar:

Hot-Shots-2012-CalendarThis video is exactly what you’re expecting it it to be, nothing more and nothing less.

Unless you hate girls, multicam, or killing trees, you can head over to Hot Shots and pick up a calendar or poster.  Sorry m’ladies, nice try but I use google calendar *read that in the nerdiest voice possible, with a snort-laugh at the end*.



Behind the scenes of the 2016 calendar shoot:

Kelly-Hall-Hot-Shots-2016So who’s real mad today about the gratuitous use of attractive girls combined with the gun / military theme?

I’m not mad at it.. never have been.  There was some backlash on the MagPul calendar shoot video where I expressed that I was “over” the whole model thing though, when that’s a girl’s whole identity.  I still feel that way.  These girls sure look like they know how to have a good time though.

You can pre-order a calendar on their website for $15. Help For Heroes is the UK military charity it’s supporting again this yet.



Girls, shenanigans, guns, drinking:

Hot-Shots-2015-CalendarNothing you see in this video will surprise you unless you’ve never heard of the Hot Shots girls before.  Looks like a good time.

You can pre-order the calendar on the Hot Shots website.


0:49 – The v. rare bionic arm boob honk LOL.

Hot-Shots-Calendar-2013Being a model would be exhausting… kind of.  It probably doesn’t pay much, plus you know damn well you’ll be replaced like yesterdays news as soon as you start aging etc..