$2900 of pure profit 😂.  King behavior:

Interesting that they won’t be buying back 3d printed guns in the future.. so… are they guns or not? đŸ€”

I’m not on top of Houston TX crime.. but those 274 murders are likely mostly gang violence right?  I highly doubt its dudes with families in the suburbs with GHOST GUNS đŸ‘».

Funny how they ask the guy in the video (the mayor of Houston) “do you really expect criminals to turn in their guns at these buyback events?” and he answered yes. Smh..

By the look of the pictures that were shown in the vid, people turned in junk guns that were probably just rusting in an attic or toolbox in a garage.  Probably none of the “Glock wiT Da Switch” type guns they were hoping for.


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One Dead… here’s the video:

When Raul Rodriguez went to tell his neighbors to turn down the music at a May 2010 party, he took a flashlight, a video camera and a gun. At his murder trial Tuesday, his attorney said the video recording proved Rodriguez acted in self-defense when he shot three men, one fatally.

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Houston, TX – “No we ain’t gotta keep down Sheeeit!”  Sure Rodriguez probably started firing when at least one of the guys rushed him at the end of the video.  I’d have to agree with the prosecutors on this one though that he had ample opportunity to just swallow his pride and go back in his house.  When you stick around telling a bunch of younger drunk guys that you “might” have to shoot them, sure they are going to get pissed off.  Sure enough he was found guilty.

Looks like Raul Rodriguez basically screwed himself over.  That video, which he obviously initially planned on taking for his protection was his downfall.


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“I was shooting the markers at the front of the board,” Taylor Trostle said. “It was just like this and I was like ‘pow pow’ and then she just turned around.”

Taylor was sent to the principal’s office and immediately suspended for three days. Her write up says the finger gun was pointed in the teacher’s direction.

“That was considered a terroristic threat because the teacher feared for her life,” Kristin Trostle said.

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What is this world coming to?

If an person is “threatened” by some kid making a gun with their finger, then they should be the ones taking a break and getting some help.  I can’t even believe that the school’s code of conduct is supporting the teacher in this ridiculous claim.

As much as I poke fun at the UK.. If there is even a slight chance that this incident screws up this honor roll girl’s future, there is really something wrong with our country.