Howard Brannan

Directed by UCLA film grad student Benjamin Afrmann:

On January 12, 1998, a dashcam mounted on a Laurens County, Georgia Sheriff’s Dept. police car captured an altercation between Deputy Kyle Dinkheller and Andrew Howard Brannan. Their encounter quickly escalated from a routine traffic stop to Brannan’s execution-style murder of Dinkheller
Full story over at VICE Motherboard.

Powerful video.  I remember when that happened.

When I first saw it was going to be a POV video I thought it would be lame, but it was actually really well done.  Definitely an accurate reflection of what we can see of the original dashboard cam video below:

Random-StopAccording to the wikipedia page I linked above, as of August 2013, Andrew Brannan is still incarcerated in Georgia, has not been executed, and is appealing his conviction.   haha oh the justice system. Classic stuff right there.  Maybe some more care, time, and money should be spent to rehabilitate Andrew Brannan and release him back into society? *eye roll* I’m sure some people would love to see that rather than making the poor guy suffer anymore. *smh*



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