Yo this is mad cute:

Don’t even talk to me unless you’re EDC’ing 4 pistol mags, two rifle mags, pistol, med kit, vape, and a rape whistle like this guy.

High Threat Concealment is the 🔌.  For a paltry starting price of $445 you can operate like this.

Thoughts?  Since my waist is 108″ I’m going to pick up two of these, connect them and double my loadout when I re-up on Taco Bell.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Richard Ryan blasts an HTC One cell phone from 0.64 miles:

0:30 – Front facing speakers on cellphones.. yea no doubt.  At least my Nexus 5 has downward facing ones which aren’t that bad.  My Motorola XOOM tablet has rear facing speakers which is the most retarded thing ever because I have to do a weird hand cup thing to direct the sound back at me when the background noise is anything other than quiet.

0:45 – Keyhole forend… so hot right now.

1:46 – FAIL haha well that didn’t take long.

2:38 – Whoa.. 2 basically through the same hole.

Pretty crazy that he was able to hit the phone on its edge multiple times at that distance too.

TrackingPoint-LogoRichard is wearing the 7.62x39mm shirt from ENDO Apparel.