Hugh Jackman

A trailer for a new movie, with a robot who can learn / think:

0:58 – whoa… that actress is Yolandi Visser from Die Antwoord haha.  Probably the only “weird girl” I’m kind of into.  She’d definitely be like “IDFWU” to me though, I just know that.

Hugh Jackman that heartless bastard!  They should have cast Bradley Cooper, he would have been sweeter and let Chappie breathe I bet.

ChappieLooks pretty good.  My experience with the name “Chappie” is less than ideal though.  In grade 5 or 6 (early 90s, so pre Al Gore’s internet) I remember the teacher gave us photocopied pamphlets to take home to our parents which outlined the known details about some child diddler named “Chappie” who was lurking about the area.  I didn’t even know what half the stuff they were telling us meant, but I was terrified.   The rough photocopied picture of that guy was reminiscent of John Wayne Gacy too… gave me the chills. All is well though, I never got Chappie’d (Chappified? Chapplested? K, I’ll stop) in case you guys we’re curious.

The movie comes out in theaters March 6.

Thoughts?  Did you guys have Chappie’s too at your schools?

Gat tip: Patrick