New York Times takes a look:

Deer-Meme-CabelasWow great… poor kid basically gets called a pussy by his dad for not taking the shots.  I don’t see the point of pressuring people of any age to get into hunting (or shooting in general).  If you want to, great… if you don’t, that should be alright too.

I guess we don’t have to worry about that kid taking up manhunting now that Feinstein told everyone it is legal.



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Someone needs to port this over to a touchscreen device like the iPad and let this cat at it. That would be pretty entertaining.

Thankfully this particular cat is de-clawed, paw prints on the screen have got to be annoying though.


(Click HERE or the picture to be taken to Geekologie for the animated gif)

As always, when you miss and that damn dog gets the last laugh.


Blah blah blah Americans buy guns and sell them to criminals and smugglers to bring back to mexico… same old story, but there is a funny surprise at the end…

(Sorry can’t embed video, they removed it from YouTube.  Thanks for the link Marcus)

Her stance and cheek weld is terrible.  I would have expected the ATF agents to give her better instruction, considering she could have ended up with a nice bruise on her cheek bone from the stock hitting it.

The highlight of the video:

“And they are so easily converted, you can buy semi and make it fully automatic.  They know how to drop those chambers in, and it doesn’t take long.”

-Kimberly Hunt (ABC 10 news)

LOL whaaaatt?  That definitely rivals the “shoulder thing that goes up” line from Carolyn McCarthy

Lucky to see the California assault weapons ban is working :roll:  Well I guess it is working… against the law abiding citizens.


This looks like fun:

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]