Hunting-Christmas-Reindeerhaha awesome.  I didn’t know hunting was potentially as hilarious as the tactical community.  Is there as much drama in the hunting community though?  Drama is important.

Hat tip: Les


All in a day’s work:

Sons-Of-Guns-Stephanie-Hayden-DerpThe start of the video was definitely an act…. Not really sure what he was trying to say, but it sounded like there was a “pig in the tree?”.  Regardless of the initial staging, all his body weight was definitely off the ground before that branch gloriously snapped sending him to the ground directly onto his elbow by the look of it.

Definitely not shopped.  I can verify it’s authenticity by the pixels and splinters.


The NSSF lays it out:

Field-And-Stream-Desert-Eagle-Troll-Hunting-HandgunI don’t really know enough about the environment or the politics of the game to have a proper view on this.  I just know lead obviously isn’t healthy to consume in large amounts.

It sucks it’s not feasible for ammo companies to produce bullets for less popular calibers without lead.  If it wasn’t all about money, these companies could gradually make the shift to make everything lead free I’m assuming.

If you hunt and know more about this, school me.


Steven Crowder hits the nail on the head with this one:

Steven-Crowder-SmirkAHAHHAHA yea… perfect.   The part about “stay at home moms” commenting on it killed me.

Totally for hunting. :) :P



As one would expect, it’s painful:

The premiere episode of “Game On” features Kendall Jones and her best friend Taylor Altom as they slip away from college for a weekend to go gator hunting in Lake Charles, LA with Louisiana native and farmer/rancher Charles Schultz.

When I was done I looked at the time and was like “Holy, that was 11 minutes?  It felt like 4 hours.”  You likely forgot who Kendall is, so here’s a refresher complete with pics.

Kendall-Jones-RemingtonI’m not a big fan of Kendall’s or her hunts.  I realize they were perfectly legal, I just don’t see the point of shooting rhinos, lions, tigers, zebras, elephants, hippos etc… especially when there aren’t exactly millions of elephants for instance.  Someone explain to me how killing that elephant helped save elephants as whole.  I honestly don’t know very much about hunting, so I can’t wrap my mind around that.  Same with the lion… about that she wrote “Controlling the male lion population is important within large fenced areas like these”.  Sure fair enough, but it couldn’t have been tranquilized and relocated? I’ve seen them do that on shows before.  Again maybe I’m just ignorant to how this has to work, so it would be nice to know.  If the answer is simply “It’s perfectly legal for her to shoot these, she likes shooting them and that’s all the reason she needs.  Quit being such a pussy Mike.” then that’s fine too, I’ll accept that.

The best part about all this, is the only reason the even showed up on Reminton’s radar, or the internet’s radar in general is because shes: young, a girl, and a “cheerleader”.  The world is so predictable now, it’s hilarious.



Silencerco x Johnny Dronehunter the defender of privacy:

haha!  That’s really awesome.  People just don’t “get it” though apparently:

ummm just a thought… why use a silencer in the desert? against a toy? cool video but just another hollywood plot that dosen’t fulfill reality. And… I love my Guns but would never buy a silencer that adds an extra 1-2ft to a shotgun. -Atom RC

And another response from the same guy:

me? I dont give a shit about the knockoff Phantom. Because of those “toys” my hobby is falling to shit. I dont need stupid videos like this threatening my rights to bear arms as well. Shit who knows, the FAA may start coming after weapons since they launch devices into airspace. I did research the silencer, and personally love my silenced weapons, but would never silence a shotgun. If im using a shotgun its for two reasons… home defense and duck hunting. neither of which it matters to be quiet. -Atom RC

Silencerco-Suppressor-Shotgun*facepalm*.  I’m looking forward to the full video, because it says this one is only a trailer!