Heartbreaker from WeaponsRelated tricked out his AR-15 furniture like a wood paneled station wagon pimp:

I blogged about wood ar-15 furniture HERE and HERE in the past.  Although this Hydro dipping is not as classy or as durable as real wood, it’s definitely less expensive.

His How To Video:

So many companies are coming out with hydro dipped graphics on guns now, but I didn’t know there was a company that made home kits until now.  Heartbreaker used a kit from MyDipKit and it seems to have turned out well.  They have a bunch of interesting graphics in their catalog, along with some pretty stupid looking ones.  I’d like to get a Hi-Point and try out the $100 bills one, and possibly the carbon fiber kit.  Funny thing is that the $100 price for the kit is almost the price of a brand new Hi-Point.

The FAQ doesn’t say anything about being able to remove the dip, so that kind of worries me if using it on an expensive firearm but i’m assuming solvent would make quick work of it.

Has anyone else done this?  Did you like the results?  Long term durability?


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