Ian McCollum


Pistols of the Warlords kickstarter is currently sitting at $1051645.  That’s a LOT of money to pull in for a couple niche books, but when you put it in perspective that 5745 people are backing the kickstarter, it definitely seems more doable.  Make me really think I should get going on that Sheepdog Fan Fiction book.

The previous two Kickstarters for books that Forgotten Weapons’ Ian did, were met with great success as well.  Thorneycroft to SA80: British Bullpup Firearms, 1901–2020 ($579,585) and Chassepot to FAMAS: French Military Rifles, 1866 – 2016 ($800,256).  Honestly, no wonder though… they look like amazing quality and I’m sure the research is top notch as we have come to expect from him.

Yooo is that shirt Ian is rocking in the video Visvim? 🤔 He’s really stunting on us poors now that he’s pulling $M bags.  Kidding.


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