ICE-T’s group BODY COUNT is back up in this:

LOL at that intro. “I prefer lemonade”.

Creepy-Ass-CrackerI hate white bread, I hate white teeth, I hate white grapes, I hate Walter from breaking bad because his last name is White, I hate clouds….  Creepy cracker-ass-crackers in the video had it coming amirite? :P

Those Body Count windbreakers with the crest look badass.

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ice-t-with-gunhaha that “dance” sounds interesting.


He says there need to be rules:

ice-t-with-gunA lot of conflicting views in that video.

Ice-T is always dressed like he borrows clothes from his wife. Blouses and shirts with filigree to the max etc…



At least 2 Chainz has stellar trigger discipline.  Muzzle direction could use a bit of work though.


What you’re looking at is a twitter picture posted on Ice-T’s account from the set of his show Law and Order SVU, where 2 Chainz (a popular new rapper in case you didn’t know) is guest starring.

Sure they are almost definitely prop guns.  I’d rather see celebrities doing stupid shit like this that isn’t hurting anyone, over jumping on the gun control bandwagon.  I think Ice-T is at least one celebrity we don’t have to worry about as far as that goes… remember this vid?  I’m not sure what 2 Chainz stance on the 2nd Amendment and gun control is, but when asked what he wanted for his birthday he could have said any number of things (including firearms) but specified ONLY big booty hoes.  Not even ammunition 2 Chainz?  Oh well… there’s always next year.


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The question I’ve been asking myself daily since the early 90s:

Real talk.  Too bad he didn’t have Coco beside him there. :P


Hat tip: Bryan, Emil