I’m actually surprised NETFLIX cosigned something this CoNtRoVeRsiAL:

“I’M GOING TO CANCEL NETFLIX!” they chanted loudly while raising their pitchforks in the comments.  Sure you go ahead and cancel that over one video you didn’t like, and see if your life improves buddy.

How this only has ~350k views I don’t know haha.  Some people just have no sense of humor… I’m down for / will laugh at anything that rustles jimmies.

On a related note, I hadn’t seen or heard of this Michelle Wolf girl before this little clip, and oh wow her voice is like dying rats mixed with nails on a chalk board.


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Demolition Ranch, ranches it:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-HatI actually didn’t think the cotton would make any difference… it was cool the round just burrowed a hole through rather than busting it all up.

2:44 – ROFL at his justification for not hitting the ice properly.  So classic.


Rather have it and not need it?:

If this is what the world is coming to, where people are playing sports with concealed firearms that’s pretty sad.  Sure some squirrelly little psychopath who was picked on by hockey players his whole life could one day kick the door open on an arena and start hosing players down as an act of revenge… but really?  Guns ON the ice?  I’m sure at any given time plenty of spectators in the bleachers are armed.  Sports are supposed to be competitive and fun.  You shouldn’t have to wonder if the guy you body check into the boards is going to get butthurt and in a fit of rage / embarrassment, pull the handgun out of his uniform and shoot you ;).  To top it off… having a chunk of heavy steel in your waistband when you’re hitting guys and guys are hitting you doesn’t really sound too comfortable or safe for anyone involved.

I can see the comments now – “FUCK YOU MIKE YOU PIECE OF SHIT FAIR WEATHER 2ND AMENDMENT SUPPORTER!  I’ll wear an AK and an AR on my back when I play any type of organized sports because it’s maH right.  ‘MERICA!”

mericaThe video does seem fake to me though.  I can’t see what the guy is doing with his hands, but the drop seems staged.  Additionally I question why he has a GoPro camera on, even though people seem to wear those now to do even the most mundane tasks.



I wouldn’t recommend trying this, but the results are pretty awesome:

Check out the video –

(What’s the point of disabling embedding?! … that’s the 2nd one in a row today that I couldn’t embed)



You gotta love the transitions from standing to prone, and the awesome forward and lateral rolls.   This whole video reminds me of Ice Capades.

The tags in the video suggest that its Russian Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces) training.  Those guys definitely have some interesting methods, to say the least.

One thing I found very odd was the opening scene when the shooter has their finger on the trigger during the magazine change.  Then proceeds to rack the slide with their finger still on the trigger.