Ichiro Nagata

About as discrete as wearing a sign that says “I AM ARMED”:

I hope that dude is married, because it’s a known fact that girls do NOT even take a second look at guys that own, much less wear fanny packs.  Well maybe hipster chicks… I could see them swooning over hipster barista type guys that wear them, ride fixies, drink PBR, and smoke clove cigarettes.  After all where are you going to hold all your ironic hipster type accessories if not in a satchel, or a awkward pouch around your waist?

My commentary on the video:

1:28 – “Consider carrying with an empty chamber”.   Oh? Because I wanted a useless L shaped club in my fanny pack, and not something that shoots bullets on demand.

1:35 – Ohhhhh yea… ejects the round and catches it like a boss.

1:45 – Oh sweet… a secret back compartment with room for a passport.  You know, so the EMTs can identify you after you inevitibly get beaten up for carrying a fanny pack with an unloaded gun in it.

1:49 – Inadequate back up knife.. check.

1:50 – Certificate he got when he revoked his man card.

1:54 – Man… you wrote your name on your gun in pink letters?  *facepalm*

1:55 – Tactical glock taco.  Glaco?

2:07 – California licence and Visa card… this guy fails at OPSEC.  ENHANCE ENHANCE… Well he only partially fails, 720p isn’t good enough resolution to read all the numbers.

2:07 – Costco executive member!  2% cash back to buy more fanny packs.

2:10 – 2nd pen.. this one is incase his first one runs out of ink from all the girls (or guys) numbers he’ll be getting.

2:14 – 2nd flashlight… because 2 is one and one is none.  If you can’t shoot em in time, blind em.

2:17 – Camera.  Hopefully with SD card separate.  Loaded cameras are too dangerous.

2:20 – Oh snap 1911 in the mix!

2:22 – Aimpoint on Glock.  This guy is trying too hard.

2:25 – Fits a 1911 with “shoot me” light on it too.

2:29 – Fanny pack becomes an inconspicuous satchel.    Ha.

2:37 – Truck ops begin!  “They should have never laughed at my fanny pack.  *bang bang bang*”

2:47 – Oh crap.. hit the oil pan.. it’ll buff right out.

2:57 – Practicing gracefully falling over and drawing for when bullies push him around for wearing a fanny pack.

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Hat tip: Kyle



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