Idan Abolnik

VERY rare:

Idan Abolnik everyone *crowd erupts with enthusiastic applause*. Cool “system” bro *snicker*. Am I banned from entering Israel yet? haha it’s hard not to be relentless with the roasts on these guys.

You guys HAVE to read the comments people left on his facebook post about this. They are pure comedy (both his, and his supporters). The justification with them is always is “BUT BUT I TRAIN SPECIAL FORCES UNITS”. Alright do you Idan… do you. Keep on keepin on. haha

Thoughts? You gonna try to put a speed hole in your elbow with this “system” this weekend perhaps? Note: Please don’t. I specifically advise against it.

Gat tip: Victor

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0:01 – Not even one second in and I see we’re already in for a whole bunch of robotic Israeli unloaded weapon horse stance bullshit. On and on with that until…

0:41 – *yawn* fake jostles while pushups are in progress.  That’s so 2014.  This jostler even threw in a few spanks.

1:48 – The *tshhhhhhh* *tshhhhh* sound effects are so on point.  I love it.

Am I the only one who feels like that unloaded gun + horse stance + robotic loading is all part of some elaborate joke I’m not in on?

1:53 – Maybe it’s good they don’t practice with one in the chamber if they are going to do bullshit like this.

2:19 – Whoa whoa whoa… gun to the head hey?  Yikes.  Cool training brAhs.

2:30 – Ok more gun to the head “training”.  WHOA and that one was loaded… damn.

2:39 – Annnnnnnd he loaded it and put it to that guy’s head.  This is getting more retarded with each passing second.

4:12 – We always see them with handguns doing that horse stance loading in videos, but for some reason I assumed they carried their rifles with one in the chamber.  I guess they don’t though LOL? *smh*

4:22 – Someone please explain to me what that costa-esque gun flip is about.  I especially don’t get it when they do it after double taps and aren’t even trying to create some inertia to eject the magazine quicker.

4:53 – OMG as if a loaded handgun to the head wasn’t bad enough.. they are doing loaded rifles to the spine now.  I’m done… done…

Idan-Abolnik-Krav-MagaIf you want to like Idan Abolnik’s facebook fanpage or say whats up, please do so.  Maybe if you’re lucky you can get training from him someday LOL.

I can’t wait to see some of the counter-trolling in the comments about how great these methods are.  Stupidity levels this high are extremely dangerous.

Thoughts?  Would train with?