Richard Ryan links up with the guys from Bravo Zulu to test their Zulushield 1600:

I love how blowing through several pounds of C4, and hundreds of feet of detcord is just an average day at the range for Richard haha.

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-California-RKBAI already knew it, but damn IEDs look like cause for a bad day.  That shield SUV actually appeared to do pretty well looking at the slow motion, but obviously we can’t tell just by looking if the shockwave was mitigated enough to save the lives of those inside.  I’m looking forward to seeing Richard’s follow up to this in his TV series.

Whenever I think of IEDs, my mind always jumps to this video.



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JELUWAR, AFGHANISTAN – JULY 07: Rounds of .50 caliber ammunition sit in an MRAP vehicle with U.S. Army Task Force Thor Route Clearance Patrol from 23rd Engineering Company, Airborne before a day-long route clearance mission July 7, 2010 in Jeluwar, Afghanistan. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Full photoset – HERE

Looks like it would be a stressful job. It’s probably a bad thing that there would be a lot of down time where nothing happens… it wouldn’t be the type of  job to get lazy on.

Note: The red tipped bullets you see every 5th round in the picture are Armor Piercing Incendiary Tracers (M20).


I had this picture saved on my harddrive for a long time.  Very Chilling…

I assume the phone was being used to set off some sort of IED, but they managed to disarm it before hand.