A killer do it yourself project by a crafty mom:

You can read the whole article on her blog, it’s pretty funny.

After a comment from her husband: “It feels like Paris is taking over in here” and some inspiration from Phillippe Starck (maker of a ~$2000 version) she decided to take on the project.  She writes a cheeky hilarious letter to Phillippe Starck in the article too, school him on “guns”.  I know the correct terms are “firearm”, “handgun”, “pistol”, “rifle” etc.. but I’ve never been too picky on that.  I know for some of you it’s probably like the clip/magazine thing, but every time I say “firearm” to someone that isn’t really into them I feel like I should check the time on my pocket watch and adjust my monocle. 

I’m still partial to a desk lamp made out of real AR-15 parts, but the price is obviously not even comparable.


Hat tip: Stacy


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