TheRealTrippleB explains:

FOX’s Dana Loesch on the incident:

Dana Loesch speaks the truth with this:

If these cattle were people and they were here illegally.. the department of justice would be running guns to them and the department of homeland security would be driving by with free government phones and EBT carts, but now that they’re cattle they are actually rounding them up and killing them.

AHHAHHA nice one.

I’m sure Dana is a really sweet girl, but I can’t help but think of this Bitchy Resting Face video every time I see her haha.

Deal-With-ItI don’t know enough about this incident to have an opinion.  All I know is I had never heard of the “Bureau of Land Management” before this incident.  Honestly anyone could just pull a bureau name out of your ass at this point like “Mike, the Bureau of Internet Science And Trolling Management now wants monthly dues from you” and I’d probably google it to make sure.



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And gets busted hardcore.  Fuggitaboutit! At least his hair, white sunglasses, and watch are fresh.  The tightly manicured goatee, duckface, and peace fingers are the icing on the cake:

Salinas, CA – Police said they believe Gabriel Reyes, 23, of Salinas, is a criminal street gang member, and he was selling the gun to benefit his gang.   His mother is Councilwoman Gloria De La Rosa, who represents District 4 and has served on the Salinas City Council for more than a decade.

Full Story – HERE

AAAHAHHAHAHahhaa… NOT ideal.  Best picture in the world though.

And just when you thought the story couldn’t get any more awesome, the gun you see pictured left is a hi-point!  Pure gold.

Comes with “food” too.  I’ll have to remember that one.

After his mom pays his bail, I bet he’s going to have to empty the dishwasher and take the dog on more walks to try to pay her back.


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The anti-illegal gun ad that will be airing during the Superbowl tomorrow:

I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of this ad in the first place, but I was at least optimistic would have spent the money well.   What a useless pile of crap though.  All anyone is going to see is two old guys in football jerseys that they are already sick of hearing talk, and then tune out. Congratulations, you just wasted $3.5 million dollars.

Oh and you both support the 2nd Amendment?  Is that some sort of updated version i’m not aware off that states “If you’re rich you have the right to be armed and/or protected”? You hypocritical scrooge-mc-duck-type-motherf….


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Agreeing to make an illegal sale of a firearm is a no no:

The law is pretty clear when it comes to the criteria for possessing a firearm legally.  You can read up on who is considered a prohibited person over at the ATF site.

For the love of god, if you’re doing a private sale and someone says something stupid like “I probably couldn’t pass a background check”, take that as a red flag and don’t go through with the transaction.  I’m glad we have the freedom in most states to do face to face transfers, but some discretion definitely needs to be used.

Sure there are different degrees of “felons” out there, but why bother making your own judgement call, putting your own freedom in jeopardy just to make a quick sale.  If you’re a risk taker like that though you should probably click the picture below and buy the book.

The youtube video doesn’t say what these “investigators” ended up doing with the information.


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Meh “terms of service”, jail time, who even cares?  Apparently not this company:

Check out the product page – HERE

There is actually another AR-15 lower receiver listed by them too, but it’s now out of stock.  When Randy first emailed me the link there were 8 of that one left in stock, and the price was $247.  I guess being able to purchase over the internet and not going through an FFL, sells lower receivers at an inflated price quickly.

Getting an AR-15 lower “off the books” online is great and all, but personally I’m holding out for an AK-47 automatic assault rifle with a shoulder thing that goes up.  I hear they will be clearing those things out online on tactical black Friday.

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For a while now we have known that the ATF has had an interest in airsoft guns which they claimed could be turned into real firearms.  We discussed it extensively in the following three posts:

Well it looks like our “calling out” of the ATF to prove their case, finally got a response.  The results are what I expected, but hoped would not be the case.

The ATF response letter, dated May 19, 2010 (Click to enlarge):

I know nothing about airsoft rifles at all, but the letter is apparently regarding the JG M4 airsoft rifle (a copy of the Western Arms M4 GBB design). I am not sure if the WE TTI M4 shipment that was confiscated in Tacoma is still under investigation.

What does this letter mean for the (thousands of?) American kids who own these airsoft rifles? My guess is that if they do not destroy them immediately they will be violating federal law and their parents who are responsible for them could face long prison sentences, and/or substantial fines.

How are the majority of the owners of these airsoft rifles even going to find out that they are in violation of federal law? Who knows…

Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.  Why was this not decided as soon as the first shipment of these airsoft rifles hit our shores? Making people into criminals after the fact is not fair.

What do you guys think?

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