LOL this is so dumb, it’s impressive:

Oh and here’s a video of PatrolBase on Instagram drawing the thing.  What a disaster:

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The ATF be like:

Whole lotta CZ.  The pronounced sharp-ish beavertail on the CZ-75 looks uncomfortable to shoulder (I can’t believed I just typed that), but what do I know.  Yea sure, it’s airsoft, but still.  Don’t tell me there aren’t thousands of piehitters out there that will be absolutely dying to get this for every handgun and rifle they have.  If you don’t think that’s an accurate statement, I’d say you haven’t been deep in the gun related internet for long enough.

In the pictures, the connector looks like a 3D printed sample, but I’m sure they are probably working on production models as we speak.  I can’t really tell who makes it, but it seems to be either PatrolBase (the one who posted these pictures) or Action Sport Games.  If you’re looking for more info, or whatever you should holler at one of them.

Thoughts?  You need one of these to put your 1911 inside your blasphemous chopped Mosin-Nagant and shoulder it?  heh, they might be able to sort you out.

Gat tip: Modern.paladin, Riley


More tomfoolery from RoyalNonesuch:

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOFor not having sights on that thing, he’s pretty good with it.  Shirt game, royal.

7:25 – haha the imprint of the head stamps is awesome.

9:17 – Crazy stuff happens sometime when you’re shooting.  That inside out shell is awesome!

I really wish there weren’t potential legal issues stemming from his build vids.. those were epic.


Shell within a shell within a shell:

Inception-Bathtub-SceneLOL he went full retard on this to appease the commenters.  At least he’s real safe about it.

meh I would have thought something more exciting would happen… but I guess not.