Indian BRUTHERS of the BLADE:

Law Enforcement state-side should take notes.  Less MRAPs, more fruit boots on the ground.  You know I had to make a meme up:

Thoughts? 🛼🛼🛼% Sponsor the mf boys, Rollerblade.  Large companies always drop the ball when it comes to once in a lifetime marketing opportunities.  If I ran Rollerblade you better believe I’m ordering up some butter chicken and naan… going to pick it up and then hiring the restaurant guy as my translator to broker a deal with India.  It’s called agility.. that’s how you get things done in this world sWeatie.

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Wow this is really well done.  Flex India flex:

Hmmm India operates!  Who knew?  (Naturally, most of you guys probably did know)

Great footage, fitting music… this has it all.  I don’t have much experience with Indian cinematography outside of watching ridiculous Bollywood stunting (good scene btw).

4:50 – Good to see they “knife hand” in India.

Interesting array of rifles… bullpups even!

10:20 – India has brass bandits!!! :P  That casing barely hit the ground and he was already directing it toward his stash.

11:09 – That’s a sloppy pushup tho.

Indian-Army-RecruitmentDefinitely all types of terrain in India.  Looks like a cool place if it wasn’t for the crazy amount of poverty.  I hear President Hillary Clinton has plans to make it the 51st state and fix all that though.  Facts only.

I want to door kick, have beers, and break (bend) naan with these guys.  Thoughts?

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I like the values these women have:

Full Story – HERE

Estimated 40 million guns in India… #2 in line after the US!  Right on.

3:35 – Lady with the side-by-side break action is ready to handle her business.  If she pulls the trigger(s) with it shouldered like a newb (3:53) though she could be looking at a broken collarbone.

I always thought of India as being a fairly peaceful place because I’ve heard the punishment for crime is severe in comparison to the US.  Regardless of if that is a deterrent or not to criminals, why take any chances when you can get a gun and even the ods.

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In a recent article titled Gun culture spreads in India, the L.A. Times Reports:

Despite tough controls on weapons, Indians own about 40 million guns, the second-highest number in the world. Of those, 85% are unregistered Saturday-night specials involved in 90% of firearm homicides. That said, there are only 3 guns for every 100 people in India, compared with 89 guns per 100 Americans, the world leaders, according to

The Team American song immediately started going through my head when I read that statistic.

As gun culture spreads, local governments have offered to fast-track firearms licenses if men have vasectomies. Families include firearms in dowries. And authorities have discouraged celebratory gunfire at weddings after several accidents, including the recent death of a bridegroom when his uncle’s revelry shots went terribly wrong.

People do that for a fast-tracked license?   They should throw a gun in the mix to sweeten the deal.  I bet there would be a lot of Indians walking around with tiger striped .50AE DEAGLES if they had their choice.  Actually scratch that, they would want the elusive .50 BMG Deagle.

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Excuse the Russian overdubbing and enjoy:

I gotta hand it to Bollywood… they have quite the sense of humor over in India.

Is the main actor is this movie Athiradee Kaalam? Whoever it is, he looks a lot like the dude from the post Bollywood Music Video – Epic LOLz And Gun Play I did on an insane Bollywood music video.

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Paramilitary troops are training young girls in weaponry, in India’s northern Jammu and Kashmir state. Attacks by armed separatists in the region are frequent.

Good to see some foreign girls holdin’ it down.

Looks like that one girl (0:26) needs to pump some more iron before she will be able to work that charging handle properly though.