According to Wikipedia, Rajputana was a historical region that included the present-day Indian state of Rajasthan and parts of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Pakistan.

0:09 – Ok ok… out of the gate this is lit.

0:19 – Oooooo group little-stepping, hop, then synchronized bayonet action!  Where do I sign up?

0:30 – The caption reads “Amar farted in the bunker, so they had to evacuate.”

0:34 – That prance tho.

1:05 – Duleep turning up the theatrics when the cameras are around.  Classic Duleep.

1:11 – Short track and field break.

2:20 – Why do I not own an Indian field coat yet?  #OutfitGoals  I’m going to throw a #MustacheGoals on this as well.

4:04 – I don’t know what’s going on because I don’t speak or read the language, but it seems they keep fit by doing track and field.

Rajputana-Rifles-Indian-Operators4:52 – Hell yea.  The one sided brim foldup is v rare.  That shit head Jesse Ventura did that in Predator, and I thought it was cool.  All these guys do it!  Is it in the regs?

7:12 – Yesssss. Fire jumping.

Don’t sleep on the Rajputana Rifles Monicas.   Thoughts?

Gat tip: Matt


The song is Sivaji The Boss by Athiradee Kaalam

The comments on YouTube are priceless. The top ranked one by user Mungholio sums up how I feel – “The most badass part was when everything.”