We don’t let our son point guns – not even toy guns – at people. If he plays with his “rifle” (which looks fairly realistic), it’s with Dad, in a way that will teach him good gun safety habits.  We want to shape his respect for guns in advance of the day when he might learn to handle a real gun.

My gun stance is basically this: I am not anti-gun, I am anti-shooting people.

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Parents banning cops & robber, cowboys & Indians, army etc…?!?! Way to ruin your kid’s childhood.

I hate to think what other forms of childhood fun these parents ban.

Myself, and every kid I grew up with used to play with toy guns, and none of us have terrible gun safety habits.  Unless you have a below average mental capacity, you will learn as a part of growing up, that real guns and toy guns can not be treated alike.

Accidents are bound to happen regardless of all the ridiculous restrictions people  put on things.

Hat Tip: ARCCA Blog


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