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The idea of UNTIL it HURTS (UiH) was created by Dave Hall, retired SEAL sniper.  Dave’s plan was to honor his fallen friends and brothers by creating a piece of art out of a target.  He fired his weapon from 911 yards for each teammate that had fallen, one round for each of the 79 fallen SEALS since the wars started, onto the target.  Dave started firing on 9/11/2012 at 8:46 AM finishing at 11:40 AM.

I like the idea behind the artwork, and the fact it raised money but I’m really not a fan of the artwork itself.  Does it matter what I think though? No not at all.

I think this documentary “preview” was enough for me,  It could have been about 30 seconds long and had all the same information.  I couldn’t imagine an hour long documentary on the making of that thing.  If you want to support the documentary you can donate a minimum of $1 over at IndieGoGo, but if you want a copy of the documentary the minimum donation is $25.  The money raised (minimum goal of  $37911) will go towards making the documentary.  I like the colorway on those converse Chuck Taylors you get with at $185 donation.  Chucks are the most uncomfortable shoes on the planet though.

What I think would be a better idea, is if they would take donations of time / equipment to make the documentary and then donate the profit to a pro-military charity for wounded soldiers or something similar.




Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Like most Kickstarter type crowd funding campaigns, this doesn’t yet exist as a tangible product:


9mm-Vodka-Case$45,000 goal.  You can check out the “9mm Vodka” Indiegogo campaign here.

*Yawn* really?  A gun shaped liquor bottle?  Yea that hasn’t been done before *eye roll*.  Sure maybe there hasn’t been an Uzi bottle, I’ll give him that… but is the world really at a loss because of that?  To make things worse you’re not even getting any liquor at any of the pledge levels because federal laws apparently prohibit offering alcohol as a reward to people backing a campaign (booooo).

I know they say 9X% of selling liquor is branding, but I think all this is just too basic for anyone to actually care.  The bottle itself, if done correctly might look kind of cool… you get that with the $50 and above pledges.  According to the Indiegogo description dude does seem to know his glass.  Trying to raise $45,000 by hawking bullshit CafePress style branded items (see below) to raise the money though is just weak, and further sullies the whole campaign.   Oh and a video of a girl shooting a mini-gun… WHAAAAAAT GIRLS INVOLVED IN MARKETING LIQUOR?  That’s another perk he’s offering that has NEVA BEEN DONE BEFO’. haha


I rarely drink vodka, but when I do I don’t pay a premium for any non standard bottle shape made for the young kid drinking market and pretentious douchebags who think having a bottle in the shape of a skull, Uzi, or whatever else is going to somehow make them the envy of everyone.  Worse yet are douchebags who buy expensive bottles once and then pour cheap stuff into those expensive bottles.  If you like Smirnoff, or that’s all you can afford that’s nothing to be ashamed off!  However, if you pooled together some struggle money to buy a fancy bottle in order to lie and pass your cheap liquor off as being higher class you should be ashamed.

If this actually does reach it’s $45,000 goal I think I made take a bit of a break from blogging.  I’ll draw up a Deagle, AR-15, Glock, AK-47 etc.. all in Solidworks then I’ll render them in realistically in glass using Bunkspeed, start a Kickstarter with the pictures and make MILLIONS.  I won’t even need to contact Smirnoff or anyone about filling my bottles with liquor.  I can just sell empty bottles like this guy! muahahahah.

9mm-Vodka-LogoIf you’re not already turned off by this campaign, the guy repeatedly uses the term “ammunition clips”.  That straight up ruined my night.



Haters gonna hate, and apparently plot terrorism:

Not sure if THAT incredibly stupid.. or just trolling.  ShutDownH&K is seeking crowd funding on indiegogo to fly helicopters over the factory of HK and drop a sand cement mixture over it to seal it up.  Maybe the definition of terrorism is different in Germany, but that sounds like a clear cut threat to me.  I’m sure we will see the indiogogo campaign go *poof* any day now.

All else aside, I don’t think they really thought through the logistics.  Can you imagine how much cement it would take to cover a factory?  The quantity of cement a helicopter could carry?  That would be 10s of thousands of helicopter trips.  My guess is if this actually did end up going down, they would be on helicopter trip #2 and an employee would walk out of the HK factory with one of their snazzy 40mm grenade launchers, line the helicopter up in the sights, pull the trigger, helicopter goes down in flames, employee dusts his hands off and clocks out for lunch.

You might remember ShutDownH&K from their witty “Not In Nottingham” H&K x Robin Hood spoof.  Maybe ShutDownH&K is just bitter because H&K thinks they suck and they hate them.


Note to self: In the future pronounce Sarcophagus as Sa-ga-fag-us.

Hat tip: Olly