ice-t-with-gunI feel like this has been done a billion times before.  Trolls hard though, I’ll give them that.

It appears they specialize in infomercial spoofs on their YouTube channel… the couple I watched were obvious humor, but again mildly funny.

Thoughts?  Do you think the anti’s love stuff like this? Is it supposed to be anti-gun? Because it sure smells like it.


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Some different scenes compared to the original tactical informercial I posted about:

0:20 – LOL 21 foot rule!  Blackhawk SERPA I see you. ;)

0:58 – Buttering up a holster… good call bRah.  I like to break mine in with an olive oil / beluga whale oil concoction, but to each their own.

CarniK-Con-YouTube1:24 – Oh those diabolical street magicians.  Such a “dad” wallet he hands over.  I wonder if I’ll ever be a dad, and if my wallet will ever be that big? *sigh* I should probably stick to attempting to be funny rather than pondering deep thoughts about life on here.


Hat tip: Van


Carnik Con x Funker Tactical:

haha I really can’t get enough Carnik Con.  Try as I will, ENDO Apparel t-shirts will never be able to rival designs such as a wolf pack backed by an American flag printed on an acid washed blank like Dugan is rocking.


1:50 – I know 2 guns is a New York Reload… what’s 3?  A Chicago Reload?

I don’t own anything by Bravo Concealment, but I know operators in operations who swear by their stuff so it must be alright.


Hat tip: K. Lee