instructor zero

Instructor Zero stunting for the camera:

Cool green video tone bro.  Man what the hell kind of shirt is he wearing?  It’s wild how one minute he can go from being a fit god: Rolex GMT, Stone Island jacket, Gucci hat… to that camouflage S.O.D. monstrosity.  ROFL if you look at the back of the shirt it looks like it has knights on it.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?


*raises hand…* guilty.  A boring minute and a bit long video, which seems like hours:

LOL half punisher skull American flag / half night vision operator hoodie print on Zero… HOLY ULTRA CRINGE.  Train like you fight though haha.

1:10 – You can tell this guy who waddles in is repeating to himself “body mechanics Jason.. body mechanics… remember the damn body mechanics”

As usual I’m disappointed theres no gas mask suffocation, forward rolls (surprise surprise that embarrassing video is gone), or tactical yoga pants.

Thoughts? Oh and sorry for the lack of posts this past week. I was disneyland’ing, and eating and drinking too much in California. Didn’t Molon any labe while I was there so I don’t have any good stories for you Sheephitters.


“Pffff like do you even molon any labe? Didn’t think so.”  No detox tea yet, but this now exists:

Yea the Instructor Zero marketing engine is revving up again.  You know how you can tell when someone doesn’t molon any labe?  When they have a gucci $83 tool like this, and no scratches on any of their guns.  LOL replace the front sight on your Glock often brah?  Break windows often fam?  Oh but they might have purchased a battle wear package.



This should be no surprise.  Instructor Zero heavy breathing POV *Audio NSFW*:

Instructor-Zero-Instagram-Fit-HoeWhere the Instructor Zero brand detox tea at tho? LOL

2:06 – Oh sweet jesus I just noticed he’s wearing a Notch Hat.  me:*drinks drano*

I bet this guy’s day to day life is priceless.  Everything from making morning coffee, to brushing his teeth I picture being soooooo EXTRA.  He should be a VLOGGER.



I don’t know if this required an 8 minute video, but here you go:

Instructor-Zero-Instagram-Fit-HoeIs it just me, or has Instructor Zero’s English got a lot better?

As usual, I feel like I’m missing on when an Instructor Zero video now doesn’t contain all or some of: a yoga half ball, tactical yoga pants, and gas mask.

Thoughts?  How long until Instructor Zero goes full on “Tactical Vlogger”?


Title sounding like a damn Hardy Boys novel I know.

Instructor-ZeroMan… how embarrassing would it be to be Instructor Zero’s pole guy?  It would be one of those things that you’d just leave off the resume.  Like your next potential employer would be like “hmmmm this is suspicious, why did this guy have an employment gap from 2015 to mid 2017”.  They would then have you in for an interview assuming there was some type of valid excuse, and you’d just be like “Oh yea, I just took two and a half years off to find myself… you know?”.  Then they’d give one of those *good for you* type nods, and you’d know you were in the clear.

I was disappointed this video didn’t contain a yoga half ball, tactical yoga pants, or even a gas mask.  2/10 would not operate with.

Thoughts?  Did you miss your train and not make it to the 2015 Instructor Zero Pole Guy try outs?