instructor zero

AHHAAHHAHA dynamic half ball training:

Instructor-Zero-Instagram-Fit-HoeI’m still wondering where his branded detox tea is available for sale.  We need a tactical shake weight video too.

The thumbnail pic is definitely one of the photoshops I’m the most proud of haha.  A few people even asked me to put it on a t-shirt, which I will of course not be doing for numerous reasons.



*smfh* this guy:

Is Zero sponsored by a holster company?  I can’t tell.

Seriously though, when is this guy going to start pushing detox teas while wearing “feels like I’m wearing nothing at all” tactical yoga pants? If you’ve spent more than five minutes on the popular page of instagram you definitely understand earlier my comparison.  Naturally 5.11 actually makes tactical yoga pants now now.  
He calls this version of fit shooting the “Praetorian Program”.  I had to look up what praetorian was, and unsurprisingly it’s Roman.

ahhahah someone on YouTube by the name of superswaglord1945 asked “where is the shake weight training?””.

LEAKED “Praetorian Program” PROMO PHOTO:


Thoughts?  Are you going to buy his DVD and his Detox Fit Tea?


LOL @ everything about this guy:

Instructor-Zero-Subs-3I think I side-eye’d this entire video.  As you’d expect it contains all the currently fashionable things to do with a rifle and pistol.  You can be the judge of whether or not those things are useful, or if they are done purely for John Wick style flare.  You know exactly what I’m talking about… C clamp hyper extended Costa rifle grip, pistol snatch back after shooting a round, shooting a hovering half silhouette on a church window extended washing pole.

1:16 – Standard gas mask operations have me reminiscing.

Do these guys he’s training really even operate?  I mean if they did they would obviously need to have pixel’d out faces like in some of his other videos. :P

Thoughts?  It’s always a shame when there’s nothing being said in the video which will result in hilarious closed captions.



Yea what can you do.  We all knew he was going to run out of steam sooner or later.

Instructor-Zero-Subs-1Dumping lead out of the driver seat of a Smart car is worth watching though.  I like the part when he shoots through the door starting at 0:18.  I’m sure a lot of people forget under stress that doors and windows are concealment not cover.

I really miss the days of forward rollsdynamically disruptive ice cold hand drills, and suffocation operator training. *sigh* I could go on and on.



Vid title “Toyota”… ya ok cool stuff bro. *eye roll*:

Instructor-Zero-Cock-EverywhereIf you’re not watching Instructor Zero’s YouTube videos with CC’s on, you’re basically not even living.  The guy’s english is terrible at best, but he speaks it anyway and OH THE LOLs we get because of that.  Go back through some old vids and turn them on and see what I mean.  Here are a couple examples.

0:15 – “126 Japanese curry number fool so I need to extract loading and shooting the chest moving target on shares consider carrying nazism”

LOL yea… looks like auto CC’s couldn’t decipher the rest of the video, but at least we had that gem.  It sucks that IZ videos are pretty much a waste of time now, considering how they used to be chalked full of so much pure operational gold.



Instructor-ZeroAHHAHAHA @ the dramatic picture he paints with the wording on the intro.  Not saying I don’t agree with it, but it’s just classic Zero.

If the faces are obscured I’m automatically like “say no more fam, this guy is a legit operator”.

So is he teaching these operators all the stupid shit he does like forward rolls and shoot then snatch the pistol back quick.  Do they do dynamically disruptive ice cold hand drills etc…?