LOL I can’t even handle this:

Glock-Single-Stack-9mm-G43Pure gold.  The guy who captioned that is a genius.  It reminds me of those Hitler Downfall videos.

If you watch one thing on the blog today, you guys have to watch this LOL.


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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Bravo-Company-Paul-BuffoniDown to earth guy, who takes a lot of pride in his company and products.  Good stuff, I like the direction he’s taking the company too.  I have a BCM upper which meets my needs (meaning in my case that it hasn’t failed due to cheeto dust off my hands when I pick the rifle up to play with it occasionally).

If you aren’t familiar with Bravo Company make sure to check out their website.  They have lots of parts and accessories in stock, at good prices.

9:48 – Is LAV not associated at all with Daniel Defense anymore?  If he isn’t, is there a good story I should know?


Questions are asked, laughs are had, a bromance further cultivated:

Tactical Tunes stays in that ENDO Apparel.  Pistol Whip t-shirt in the video of course if you want to pick one up.  I’m assuming it would even be a good one to irritate annoying “OMG GUNS ARE EVIL MONSTERS WITH MINDS OF THEIR OWN” type teachers, if you have kids.

American Classic 1911s suck is the very first song video he was talking about… good stuff, back in the early mohawk days.  The STAR WARS style lyric scrolling was top notch too haha.


Maybe I’ll retire the Buck Yeager meme in 2014.. I don’t know I haven’t decided yet.  We’ll see what happens, but lately Yeager has been making a lot of sense.

haha that’s awesome TTunes’ son gets free training for life.  What a crazy coincidence.



Attempts an interview anyway haha:

4:00 – I think it’s safe to say that is the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever seen being done while wearing an ENDO Apparel t-shirt.  LOL wtf?  If you read that sentence and plan on sending me something weirder, I don’t know if I can handle it.

FXHummel1-Absuperman-Pickle-InterviewYou can find FXhummel1 and Absuperman at those links to their channels on YouTube. You’ll find their contact information there as well if you’ve got some sort of freaky party happening and you want them to come preform that pickle stunt. I hear they don’t come cheap.



A really relaxed interview.  Glenn Beck seems like a cool guy:

Every time I see MrColionNoir without a hat on I always am like “Oh yea, he’s not bald!”. That’s a tight fade too, I’m not mad at it. I’m rocking a fade now too as some of you might have read on Twitter, so I recognize.  I actually like the look better without the hat, more professional and just looks more honest because there’s not something looming right above his eyes.

MrColionNoir-ENDO-Keep-CalmWow passed the Texas bar exam yesterday too!@#$!@$#!@$%@#$ Congrats buddy!  Things are really coming together for him, that’s awesome to see; he earned it!

When is he going to get on Piers Morgan and destroy that man’s world?  That’s still what I’m waiting on most of all.



It’s late so I haven’t watched it yet, I’m looking forward to checking it out tomorrow though.  I know some of you guys hate VICE with such a passion as seen by many of your regular rants about the interviewers being “hipster fags and/or douchebags” etc.. hahaha. This particular interviewer is old, non visibly tattooed, is wearing a suit, and seems more like a lawyer than a hipster so maybe he will be cool with those of you?

3D ultrasound of baby with AR-15Thoughts?  

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