Agreeing to make an illegal sale of a firearm is a no no:

The law is pretty clear when it comes to the criteria for possessing a firearm legally.  You can read up on who is considered a prohibited person over at the ATF site.

For the love of god, if you’re doing a private sale and someone says something stupid like “I probably couldn’t pass a background check”, take that as a red flag and don’t go through with the transaction.  I’m glad we have the freedom in most states to do face to face transfers, but some discretion definitely needs to be used.

Sure there are different degrees of “felons” out there, but why bother making your own judgement call, putting your own freedom in jeopardy just to make a quick sale.  If you’re a risk taker like that though you should probably click the picture below and buy the book.

The youtube video doesn’t say what these “investigators” ended up doing with the information.


Hat tip: Ross C.



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