Play as a soldier in the bloody missions of World War II. You and the members of your squad were sent to Paris, France with only one mission: Kill Nazis. On the way to destination spot, the plane was shot down. Every one, except for the sergeant, managed to escape the burning plane and hide in the woods. You are a loyal and courageous soldier so you must help the sergeant. That is the start of your first mission and a long bloody way to victory.

100 Nazi Scalps – Only $99 cents on iTunes – HERE

I would have thought a game like that would have been banned the second it was in the queue at Apple. Guess not?


This is “extra” footage from the iPad V.S. Sabot Slug From Shotgun In Slow Motion video I posted a couple days ago:


It was at around the 1 minute mark where the camera spins around and I noticed this:

As I wrote on the screenshot I took… looks like the shot was taken at no more than 5 yards away. It’s no wonder the wad went through the screen.  I’m glad no one got hurt.  That’s a very close range to be taking a shot at something besides paper (if you ask me).


Seems like shooting an expensive piece of popular electronic equipment is a sure fire way to get a few hundred thousand views (minimum) for your video on YouTube nowadays:

It has to be in slow motion though, or else your video will get no views and everyone will call you a dumb ass.

Even tax preparation places are getting in on the action:




Someone needs to port this over to a touchscreen device like the iPad and let this cat at it. That would be pretty entertaining.

Thankfully this particular cat is de-clawed, paw prints on the screen have got to be annoying though.


The same “15 yard sniper” from my previous post on the shooting of the iPhone, iPad, and iMac is back at it again with his Barrett M81A1:


If for nothing else, you need to watch the slow motion footage at 1:09.

Watching it in 1080p is a must!  Then back pull the slider back to watch the watermelon re-assemble.


Apparently the first post I made about the iPhone 4 Shot With .50 Caliber Rifle was just a teaser video… below is the extended video along with the other vids of the Apple products getting destroyed:


iPhone 4 Shot With .50 Caliber Rifle


iPad V.S. .50 Caliber Rifle


iMac V.S. .50 Caliber Rifle


I was hoping that kid doing the talking “Richard Ryan” was going to do the shooting and scope his eye or something… no luck.

The nicest hit by far was on the iMac. I don’t know where that “Sniper” learned to shoot, but the hit on the iPad and iPhone was not impressive at all considering at the distance he was at: