iphone 5

Richard Ryan (iPhone shooter extraordinaire) gives it a shot:

¥52,500 ($672 USD) for the super practical bulletproof case.  I’m not surprised the bullet didn’t penetrate the case, nor am I surprised the phone wouldn’t power up.  That is a heck of a lot of energy transferred to the phone which it obviously wasn’t designed to take.

A bit of a flawed test though considering it’s unknown whether the round caused the phone not to function or it it was from when it flew and hit the rocks.   Fun though, either way.



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RR started the youtube account to get girls and shoot iPhones, and he’s all out of iPhones:

I really wish Richard Ryan would take FPS Russia’s place in the YouTube gun video world.

This iPhone 5 shooting video was predicable because he’s done it 4 other times.  Still, why not flex that first world muscle and destroy something a large percentage of the worlds population could only dream of owning if it brings in the google ad money like clockwork?  It’s just good business for Richie.

Destroying expensive things seems to work well for getting viral exposure.


Hat tip: Heath, Roger, Faraz