With a laser beam:

itarget-laser-shootingNot bad not bad, but I almost choked on my own spit when I saw the price levels on the Indigogogo campaign.  Good thing further down in the lengthly description it states the apps alone are expected to sell for $10 each.  I think most people will be interested in just buying the app, and they’ll get their own laser bullet and figure out a way to position the phone without that dumb looking proprietary “sled” which I shit you not has a “patent pending” on it according to the indiegogo description.

iTarget has a website as well which you can check out if you’re interested.

I don’t know how useful this type of app is, without adding recoil into the mix.  Additionally if you’re gun isn’t double action racking the slide after every shot (as shown in the video) is going to get annoying pretty quickly, and probably not the best way to “train”.  If nothing else, it’s a cool novelty.

Thoughts?  Would simulate operating with?  Would practice forward rolls, engage targets, then derp scan with? Would tilt gun 90 degrees, yell “BREAK YO’ SELF FOOL” and empty the high capacity laser beam assault clip into the target?

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Old habits die hard. Another iPhone another destruction vid:

ManateeI hope Richard still ca$hes in on these videos, after all these years.  Those phones are not cheap.  Even if he made $0 though, seeing all the butthurt comments would be payment enough.  I hope sometime he just snaps and blows a few hundred grand on a car sometime and fills it full of binary explosives and plastic explosives, then shoots it inside a tank full of manatee’s.  Something that absurd and ignorant would be an instant payday.  Manatees are so beloved, it would be like Cecil the lion outrage x1,000,000.  I’m not saying I am fond of the idea from a moral standpoint, but see what I’m saying… I’m surprised my hotline isn’t bling’ing non stop for troll video ideas.  I’m sure it could somehow be spun that by killing the manatees Richard was actually SAVING them.  I still can’t really 100% wrap my mind around killing something which already has limited numbers for conservation purposes, but that’s why I let people animal-smarter than me make those decisions.



James sciences the shit out of this:

50BMG-Proof-iPhone-Case0:20 – LOL bibles… that would have been great just to see heads explode in the comments.  Well played James well played, should have led us on for longer though and troller harder with the title.

Spaghetti squash ballistics FTW!

Huh interesting… I might just retire my .50 BMG Bullet proof iPhone case and carry a regular iPhone in my chest pocket.  It will just be as a decoy of course, because I’ll be carrying my Android phone I use in my pocket.


*smh* I hope this isn’t real:

“Tweet Apple’s CEO @Tim_Cook and ask him to have the gun emoji removed” <—- LOLOL

This iPhone disarming movement seems to say they are affiliated with NYAGV – “New Yorkers Against Gun Violence”.  I can’t say that organization is familiar to me, but it reeks of Bloomberg and even the website looks like all his.  I’m trying to finish blogging and watch Episode 7 of “POWER” and eat cherries and dark chocolate though so I don’t really have time for research.  Someone fill me in if you know.

The one thing which seems kind of suspicious to me is that the YouTube video doesn’t have comments disabled, which is definitely out of character for anything Bloomberg and disarmament related.

Revolver-iphone-irevolverA quick twitter search for #disarmtheiphone shows that not very many people give a shit.



Bruh.  Bruhhhhhhh:

Ok first of all I know this video is for kids, but setting up hypothetical situations like “How many iPhones it would you have to carry in your pocket in order for them to save your life?” is dumb considering you wouldn’t carry them in your pocket 4″ apart in a horizontal line.  Anyhow…

0:57 – I know some of you “parallax” advocates are going to tell me he’s actually 30 yards away (ROFL)… but he’s not.  He’s seriously like 3ft max.

Wait for it…. wait for it….

1:10 – AHHAHAHHAHA worst shot ever for being that close.

2:14 – Flukes a center shot. :P

Shoot-iphones-closeThe shooter is EverythingApplePro on YouTube.  I didn’t bother watching his other videos, but he has almost 650k subscribers so he must be doing something right.



This doesn’t only simulate failure, it IS an actual failure:

There are just some things not conducive to the “app” experience, and this is one of them.  Awkwardly holding the phone like a gun, sliding the index finger across the smooth screen where the picture of the trigger is, banging the awkward grip against your support hand, then grabbing the top of the smooth screen where the slide is to “rack” it just looks (and is) dumb.  The TAP – RACK – BANG action is about action / muscle memory, and people practice it by loading primerless rounds or snap caps etc… into mags to simulate failure.

Here are a couple of screenshots so you can visualize the genius better:



Good choice on using an HK selector switch for selecting right or left handed screen functionality.  Makes a lot of sense.  OHHHHH SHIT GLOCK 18 mode.  Don’t try that unless you’re an expert.

Honestly if this app wasn’t free of charge, I’d say you’re better off practicing tap-rack-bang on a potato or a limp piece of asparagus.  Yea maybe I’m just bitter there isn’t an Android version.


Hat tip: Matt