Caldwell dips their toe in the waters of smart phone (specifically iPhone connectivity):


My first thought was “Wtf?  Are there a bunch of grandpas working at Caldwell?” LOL at wired connectivity and the fact it uses the audio jack.  Maybe that would have passed for acceptable back in 1997.  Oh wow if their app actually looks as bad in real life as it does in that screenshot that’s amazing too.  Caldwell has been around for a while though so I’m sure they are used to having money thrown at them due to the fact their stuff is sold in a bazillion (accurate figure) retail stores across the world.  I prefer when companies push the envelope and strive for the BEST possible product, but whatever works I guess.  I feel like donning a slick Zack Morris style outfit, grabbing a fly Kelly Kapowski and heading to the range and hooking this bad boy up to an iPhone inside a Motorola DynaTac-looking case just for kicks.  Shooting some Principal Belding targets no doubt.

There is no Android app yet, which isn’t surprising because companies generally seem to always do Apple first.  Last time I checked Android has steadily been gaining market share though, so I’m sure we’ll start to see apps quicker / sooner than before.  Side note, I placed my Google Nexus 5 order a few days ago (After the big launch day rush of course because I’m an idiot) and I should have it by the first week of December.  I still really like my Nexus 4, but I figure I’ll just sell it as soon as I have the Nexus 5.

Zack-Morris-PhoneThoughts?  You mad at this old-timey connectivity?  Does Caldwell rustle your jimmies in general?


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Richard Ryan gets it done, making fanboys cry in the process:

I’m actually surprised it held up so well to some of those torture tests he did at the start.


2:42 – First shot facing him was really nice and clean.  I guess everything is so tightly packed in those phones now that it’s basically like shooting a solid block.

2:57 – Holy, that shot of it on edge absolutely annihilated it.



Jeff Foxworthy endorsed rifle scope iPhone bolt on accessory, the iScope:

I’m just looking forward to the forthcoming youtube vids where guys forget how much recoil some higher caliber rifles have if your not holding them properly, and end up getting an iFace or an iBlackEye.  Put this thing on a .700 Nitro Express, concentrate really hard on the screen from 4″ away and see whats up LOL.

This is still one of the funniest shooting related videos I’ve ever seen.  Those guys need to do a 2013 version with iScopes.

The iScope goes for $100 if you’re interested.


Are you really that attached to your phone that you even have to use it hunting?  Sweet LAWD just turn it off and enjoy the outdoors.

I don’t even know what’s worse… this or the Inteliderp iPhone Rifle Scope Adapter.



Text your mom while you’re double tapping tangos; tell her you might be late for supper:


June pre-order for $70 over at Inteliscopes.

Meh I’m not a fan, I’m sure they will sell like hotcakes though.  Even if I owned an iPhone you wouldn’t find me throwing one of these on my AR-15.  I don’t need something 4.5″ / 4.87″ wide (iPhone 4s/5) with a plastic hood increasing my drag when I operate in operations.  Not as wide obviously if you put in it portrait mode, but then you might as well strap a water ski to the top of your AR-15 because you just added lots of height.  If you’re not about drag reduction then what are you about cousin?

Cowwadoody nerds are going to love the video recording capabilities.  So many hunting head shots going up on vine and youtube… I can see it now.

Nothing like trading in the few thousand dollar Nightforce for a screen with digital zoom.  There are some more pictures and video up on the Intelliscope Facebook page, but no real life close look at it that I could see… just a lot of renders and tv quality video from a distance.

InteliscopeI can’t wait until some newb throws this on a .50, puts his face real close and the metaphorical hand of Steve Jobs slaps the shooter across the face for embarrassing shooters and iPhone users simultaneously.

At the end of the day, all the power to this company for making a product for one of the most popular smartphones which people are bound to get at least the $70 sticker price worth of enjoyment out of.

Considering the camera is off far to the one side, I wonder how you properly zero?

If I ever do get an opportunity to try this thing out, you better believe I’m going to be streaming some Chief Keef, dumping mags until the barrel droops like a wet noodle.


Hat tip: Jonathan


Absuperman doing what he does best:

Absuperman-YouTubeHe used the Speech Zapper iPhone app.  It’s very difficult / frustrating to talk when your own voice is played back to you with a slight delay.  I have had that happen with webphones and cellphones occasionally… not ideal.

hahaha holy this video is hard to watch and looks like it would have been exhausting to film.

Thoughts?  Anyone ever tried one of these apps?

Hat tip: Liam


Richard Ryan (iPhone shooter extraordinaire) gives it a shot:

¥52,500 ($672 USD) for the super practical bulletproof case.  I’m not surprised the bullet didn’t penetrate the case, nor am I surprised the phone wouldn’t power up.  That is a heck of a lot of energy transferred to the phone which it obviously wasn’t designed to take.

A bit of a flawed test though considering it’s unknown whether the round caused the phone not to function or it it was from when it flew and hit the rocks.   Fun though, either way.