Training like you fight.¬† Can’t stop… won’t stop:

Jokes aside, like the shooter himself (Mark Kopac) said “beats standing in a port any day”


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Russian Jerry Miculek in the house:

This guy is damn good at point shooting. ¬†He doesn’t use the sights for the entire video, and it’s NOTHING to him. ¬†Nothing but steel noise.

1:09 РHoly, that hat has seen better days.  Dual wielding in the sun will do that.

1:38 – I thought that was pedo bear on this jersey at quick glance. ¬†It isn’t of course. ¬†Just a Grizzly.

2:57 – Ohhhhhh shit, multicam tape on the fingers. ¬†Shit is about to get real. ¬† Oh, hmmm, shit never did get real… the video just ended.

Here’s another more intense/fun video of him dual wielding¬†the glocks and point shooting:

Glock-Aid10/10 would operate with.



Shooter ready:

I don’t follow boxing, but Pacquaio seems like a genuinely nice¬†guy. ¬†Humble, down to earth,¬†likes to help people etc… basically the opposite of Mayweather. ¬†I’m not mad at Mayweather though. ¬†He’s doing his thing alright… frankly I’d rather have Mayweather’s life more than Pacquaio’s… because YOLO. ¬†Interesting how even though Pacquaio lost, he still raked in millions. ¬†I wonder if he has a big gun collection in general? ¬†Sport shooting such as IPSC is crazy popular in the Philippines, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Pacquiao-IPSCWhat do you think of his equipment?  Handgun is a Metrillo custom.  How much do they go for?  Are they worth the price?  Made in the Philippines I see.  Looks like nice machine work on them anyway.

Can Mayweather own guns, or did any of those charges for beating up women stick?

Hat tip: Rocco


JohnnyIshootStuff made a little vid about his easy to build stand:

triple-tap-poster-chinese-IPSC-shootingLooks good. ¬†Due to its light weight I’m assuming you’d probably need to put something on the legs when the wind picks up… but I’m sure you guys can figure out something creative. ¬†Heck you could probably fill the legs up with sand after incorporating a couple extra PVC pieces¬†into the mix. As is you could probably pour cement in them.



Done by the greatest Asian guy with a British accent to ever review cameras:

Poor guys have to practice IPSC with airsoft. :/ ¬†Oh well as long as they’re having fun I guess. ¬†Definitely a cheaper way to work on the fundamentals.

To me, the best part about IPSC is seeing the ridiculous scenarios they come up with.

I’m a Canon guy (I’ve got a Canon 60D), and not because I don’t like Nikon, but I’ve just never seen a reason to buy one over a Canon. ¬†I definitely have to start doing double taps with my camera, just because.


Hat tip: ColionNoir who has been known to put in solid work in front of the lens.


High Speed Low Drag Chinese style from 2010:

So the red guy is good, the black guy is bad. ¬†How typical haha… can I get a “That’s racist!” ? :P

I know it’s a movie, but both those guy handle a race gun like an¬†extension¬†of their body.

You can hit up IMDB for a plot summary and cast list.

Thoughts?  Anyone seen this?