American operator badass Travis Haley talks about his experience:

I always enjoy listening to Travis Haley, both when he’s in business man mode and operator mode.  Definitely articulate and intelligent, and it’s nice to see someone admit they have made mistakes and are working to improve.

Those helicopters they use are really small, and have no guns on them that I can see… interesting.  I suppose what’s on board them is the deadly part though.

Damn though Travis has a lot of analysis going on upstairs.  Does he ever relax? It be like:

Fast food worker: Hey Travis, want fries with your burger?

Travis: I want to know where the Potato came from.  What motivated the farmer to grow that potato?  Was the end use of the potato planned from the beginning?  Does a farmer ever regret giving the potato up for consumption rather than dividing it up, planting it and growing hundreds more potatoes?  What should I know to increase the fries’ nomability?  Should I be aware of any issues with this particular genus of potato that would affect my ability to use the starch with the greatest efficiency?  Am I even the right person to be eating fries?

Zoolander-Travis-HaleyFast food worker:   Ugh, bro… I’ll put you down as a “no” for fries.

Thoughts?  “Would operate with?” is definitely rhetorical again in this case.

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Federal prosecutors said former Staff Sgt. Joel Cleve Miller, 40, was found guilty of possession of an illegal chrome AK-47 that he smuggled back from Iraq during a 14-month tour in 2005.  When he returned to his home in Hemet, he bragged to several friends that he smuggled the gun back after it once belonged to Saddam Hussein’s Royal Guard.

Full Story – HERE

As they say “Loose lips lose priceless AK’s and could end up doing 10 years in federal prison”.  Dumbass…

Is the issue more that it’s an NFA weapon? Or that he smuggled it back?  Or both?  I’m just wondering which is considered more serious.  Like if I was there and smuggled Saddam’s gold toilet seat back would I be in just as much trouble?


Shooting cars, hit and runs, and general assholeishness:

These guys give a bad name to operators everywhere.  I know it’s got to suck to be in iraq, or any other shitty country over there… but seriously if you can’t stand treating the general public with respect and saving your anger for actual enemies then quit your job right now.

Maybe past incidents such as that Fallujah bridge burning and hanging of 4 Blackwater employees in 2004 wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t treat their people like garbage all the time?   I’m saying “maybe”…

The way I look at it is you reap what you sow.

Source – A good article over at Harpers if you have an account there (via Kotaku)


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Apparently this happened after church in Iraq, the fun starts at 30 seconds:

Nothing like a crowd of people pumping rounds straight up in the air in the middle of an urban development.   Actually I’d be more worried about peoples lack of muzzle discipline and complete carelessness than I would be about getting hurt by a falling bullet.

Typical LiveLeak, never giving any solid backstory or source.  Anyone have more info on this? Looks pretty crazy.

I am constantly surprised that most of the stupidity I post about on here, results in everyone walking away unscathed.

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Made by a god tier weapons troll in Iraq:

Normally I’d say something like “Troll Harder”… but this guy already trolls the hardest.

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U.S. forces are scheduled to depart Iraq in December. But on the giant concrete barriers that still ring the constellations of bases around the country, their artistic footprint will remain.

More pictures over at Wired – HERE

Too bad those are so big and heavy.  I’m sure a lot of money could be raised by selling those for charity back in the U.S.