IraqVeteran8888 does the dirty work so we don’t have to:

haha awesome.¬† It wasn’t surprising that the gun still worked, but it was still funny. The only real time I figured something could go very wrong, was after he removed the barrel nut and taped that area. I’m glad he stopped after the first shot.

I hit play on the video and immediately knew someone was going to comment “Eric created a California compliant rifle”… sure enough, it was the top comment. ūüėā


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Eric from Iraqveteran8888 takes a look:

WHUT IN TARNATION? That place is larger than a Costco ūüė≤ūüė≤ūüė≤!!!¬† I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering what we know about the company from past info and vids, and that the AR-15 market apparently is for printing money.

Good video.  Factory tours give me life.



Iraqveteran888 delivers:

Yesssssss, I’m the wildcard ūüė鬆(see 11:30). ¬†My¬†ENDO TACTICAL AR-15 stock adapter of course. ¬†They love it.

I find it’s a real polarizing accessory. ¬†It seems like people are either mad it exists, or they think it’s cool and have one / want one. ¬†No matter what category you fall in I’m always happy when people tell their friends about it. ¬†I didn’t create it to cure cancer, I created it to have a little fun at the range. ¬†Yes I do plan on releasing a gen4 version eventually.


Gat tip: Thanks to the bunch of you who gave me the heads up.


My dudes over at Iraqveteran8888 are at it with another gun gripe about petitions:

Call me a pessimist, but I’m VERY skeptical when it comes to the actual value of¬†petitions. ¬†There are many every day which reach the minimum signature limit, and yet nothing happens. ¬†Here are the gun related ones they talked about in the video:

Always cool to see my ENDO Tactical AR-15 stock adapter for the Glock in the mix.  I saw it in the vid thumbnail, but it was a surprise at 17:56 when he pulled it up off his lap haha:

17:58 – “Oooooo oOOOh that’s cute” haha

You can either purchase the adapter directly for $35 at ENDO Tactical, or else if you want the setup with the “brace” he has in the video you can grab it from my dealer Shockwave Industries.

Thoughts?  Are you a fan of petitions?


Iraqveteran8888 with another in the series:

Spongebob-Squarepants-Operator-Rifle-AR-15Direct Impingement – 830 rounds before failure.

Gas piston – 833 rounds before failure.

Glock – 1272 rounds before failure.



haha oh lawd. A real Russian VEPR:

*heavy breathing under tactical ballistic welding mask*

5:38 – It’s lit. (literally &¬†figuratively)

6:17 – Legend has it, that if you inhale the smoke from a burning AK resulting from sustained AUTO fire, good fortune will always be yours.

6:54 – LOL then “we got more ammo, screw it”.

13:24¬†– Only 895¬†rounds back to back? ¬†Hmmmm…¬†the Glock lasted 1272 rounds. ¬†Glocks are better, end of discussion. ¬†¬†*ducks incoming name calling about comparing apples to oranges* hahaha just kidding, the count is incredible. ¬†630 more than the WASR-10, and 65 more than the AR-15.

AK-47-Kool-AidYea so basically you’ll run out of the ammo you have with you, before you wreck it.