IraqVeteran8888 does it right:

hahaha amazing.  My parents didn’t even have that big of a yard and I used to hate raking leaves so much.  Come to think of it I hated do anything lawn or garden related.  Shoveling snow was the worst too.  If I didn’t enjoy doing outdoor activities, working out a bit, and eating well, I’d definitely weigh like 800 lbs.

FPS-Russia-Dragons-BreathAnyone just scorch their entire lawn and replace it with something which doesn’t require maintenance?  I’ve always wondered in really hot places like Arizona where lots of people don’t have lawns if there is still upkeep you need to do like rake nice lines in the sand or something.  Is that a think people do?  I’d probably just go for the rugged look and have cool cacti and various other regional plants everywhere.  They would have to require little to no maintenance though, or I’d definitely kill them due to neglect.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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1/2 of the duo I referred to as “the gun store guys” is no longer with us:


My thoughts go out to Eric, the rest of the Iraqveteran888 YouTube guys, and everyone else who was close to Barry.  I got the news this morning at a donut shop, when I checked my email and realized a lot of people had seen a sad announcement on Facebook.  Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” was playing in the background, a fitting song seeing as the gun community lost a valuable asset.  It was impossible not to learn from Barry, and laugh at his jokes / various shenanigans which played out in the videos.  Just the other day I was thinking about how hilarious The Exploits of Sir Arthur HiPoint were, the education and comical complaining found in the gun gripes series of videos, and all the various other educational videos Barry put out such as the lost art of cut shells etc…  Lots of you probably didn’t even know that Barry and Eric even had a TV show on Destination America called Prepper Hillbillies.  Sadly I never got to blog about it before today.

Barry accomplished a lot online over the past few years I’ve have had the pleasure of enjoying and posting his channel’s videos.  The great thing about the internet is that through the vast amount of content he put out, he and his knowledge will live forever.

Rest in Peace Barry.  Thank-you for everything.

Hat tip: Lots of people

Gun Gripes Episode 85: Final Farewell

To donate to the family see the Barry Elliot Memorial Fund.


Iraqveteran8888 looked into it on April fools:

  1. Glock 17 with 100 round beta mag
  2. Remington R1 1911 with TiRant suppressor
  3. Saiga-12 SBS
  4. Mercury Magnum double barrel 10GA
  5. Saiga AK conversion

Iraqveteran8888-ENDOhaha funny stuff.  Damn that Barrett .50 is nice.  I’d like that double barrel 10 GA for the novelty aspect of it, but I don’t think I’d enjoy shooting it that often.



Poor guns getting picked on by those mean mean boys:

Iraqveteran8888 x Talking Lead … some of my favorite internet gun guys right there.  Talking Lead is a great podcast you should make sure to check out, the guys are naturals (The episodes are also up on iTunes).

1:30 – *PLAGH* dog slobber all over it!

Troll-FaceAfter seeing the video I’m not entirely sure guns aren’t actually evil.  I just believe the Glock and the AR-15 are just such a well mannered guns, they probably just knew better than to flip out and kill everyone in the room.  Those particular firearms have a lot more to lose than say a Hi-Point or an SKS for instance.



Iraqveteran8888 Barry talks about his experiences and gives some advice:

Sometimes people forget guns are dangerous, and scary things that are out of your control can occur.  Make sure you familiarize yourself with all the things that can possibly go wrong, so if/when they occur you know how to safely handle it.

Iraqveteran8888-ENDOBarry is wearing the California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.

Thoughts? Anything ever really surprise you while shooting? The one thing that happened with me that comes to mind, is I was prone shooting my friend’s Mini-14 and he was standing slightly behind me in what we both figured was a safe place. I made some adjustments to get more comfortable, and in the process twisted the rifle so it was no longer ejecting nicely across the ground. I pulled the trigger, and the ejected hot brass cut his lip open.


Iraqveteran8888 Barry takes it to the classroom:

Iraqveteran8888-ENDOThat Remington R1 is a nice looking 1911 that’s for sure.  Good price point too!

Barry is wearing the ENDO Apparel California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt.

.45 vs 9mm though… Which one do you guys think is better and why?  hahah just kidding.