The gun store guys Iraqveteran8888 talk about the ridiculousness:

Yea California is ridiculous for firearm law!  I should have sent them the No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt for this vid, but the Restricted LE/GOV Use Only one worked too.

Good talk.. It’s a long one but it needed to be.  The Barrett boycot of California government and law enforcement sales they talk about was so priceless… good for Barrett for not giving a shit.

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Iraqveteran8888 is a couple weeks late on this:

iraqveteran8888-youtubeBetter late than never though I suppose.  I give them a 6/10.

Make sure to check out the AK-47 Harlem Shake and the 2nd Amendment Harlem Shake for two better examples.


Someone asked Barry (Iraqveteran8888) “Do you even lift?” This was his response:


iraqveteran8888-youtubehahah it’s not actually him, but as you can see from the pic on the left which IS him, there is definitely a strong resemblance.

Iraqveteran8888 is one of the few YouTubers I’ve posted over and over who has never once contacted me.  I find that most normally reach out and say hi/thanks sooner or later even if I poke fun at them occasionally… not him or Eric though. *shrug*

The guy in the picture is a 60 year old body builder apparently.


Hat tip: Michael


The first 5 seconds were awesome haha.

iraqveteran8888-youtubeI couldn’t imagine working at a gun store for that reason alone.  Whenever I take someone out shooting for the first time I make sure they know there is absolutely no leeway on the 4 rules of gun safety.

Like they said in the video, it’s just common courtesy.



Flare guns for self defense?  The gun store guys take a look:

They don’t look “ideal”, but they definitely are better than nothing.  I can’t imagine there is a criminal out that that would want to be shot with something that burns so hot.  Plus, the business end of the gun looks intimidating because of the large bore diameter, so they would likely get the crap scared out of them even if they didn’t immediately know it just shot flares.

iraqveteran8888-youtubeGod I love that Hi-Point testing suit (featured in the later half of this video)



The gun store guys kick it up a notch. Their most epic video yet:

3:43 – LOL at the sound of the KIA’s slow death.

7:01 – I kind of figured that shooting Tannerite that close when it was under something wasn’t the greatest idea… I was right.

Something tells me that the 10 Year 100000 mile warranty which KIA has is void on that particular vehicle.