I’m no Star Wars nerd, but this is pure class:

To state the obvious: “Han soldered first!”

Read the story of it’s creation over at MAKE.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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From the back of the Iron Maiden “A Matter Of Life And Death” album:

I haven’t heard the album, but you can buy it if you want – HERE

Damn that band knows how to make a terrifying album cover though.


Aiming a weapon is harder than it looks. Shooters need clear views of a distant object (the target) and a near one (the iron sight at the end of the rifle barrel) at the same time. But the eye can’t quite pull this off, as a simple experiment shows: Point at a faraway house or storefront, then try to bring both your finger and the building into focus. One or the other will be blurry.

Enter the MicroSight…. It allows the shooter to focus on both the target and the front sight.

Full Story – HERE

Or watch this video if you are too lazy to read:


If you ask me, David Crandall (the Engineer who developed this technology) should have quit his job, got his own funding, and started his own company. He basically just threw billions of dollars in the garbage by letting his employer (the Idaho National Laboratory) have the technology.


I need to iron most of the clothing I own, and often take flack for it; I find this video especially hilarious:

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

After being kidnapped by terrorists, clothing designer Tony Starch builds a high-tech weapon of steel and steam. Realizing his calling as a superhero, he sets out to rid an unsuspecting world of crime and villainy.

Those kids did such a great job on that trailer. No word on if Ironing Man II will be coming out.