I’m actually surprised NETFLIX cosigned something this CoNtRoVeRsiAL:

“I’M GOING TO CANCEL NETFLIX!” they chanted loudly while raising their pitchforks in the comments.  Sure you go ahead and cancel that over one video you didn’t like, and see if your life improves buddy.

How this only has ~350k views I don’t know haha.  Some people just have no sense of humor… I’m down for / will laugh at anything that rustles jimmies.

On a related note, I hadn’t seen or heard of this Michelle Wolf girl before this little clip, and oh wow her voice is like dying rats mixed with nails on a chalk board.


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Holy, this is incredible 😂:


oh man… his wife and ex-step-sister haha pure gold.  The guy has some pretty funny others videos on his channels if you click through.



ahahhahaha I love the internet:


Tweet from @SayWalllah… pure gold.

The RTs with comments on this post are amazing (if you’re a Drake fan like I am that is):

  • 9AM in Baghdad
  • What A Time For Jihad
  • Muhammad’s Room
  • Last name Terror, first name Greatest
  • 6 Allah
  • Tell flex to drop a bomb on it
  • Views From The SIS
  • Days in Damascus

AHHAHHAHA incredible.

This is where I ask “Thoughts?” and you guys tell me I’m gay for liking Drake.  Thoughts? haha.


Actually lighting cigarettes and liquor / pouring liquor out in Syria. A video from last April:

1:16 – Argh, I was hoping that entire pile would explode, and that ISIS member would catch on fire after all that alcohol they poured on top.

come-thru-its-litI wonder if Aazad and Youcef hit the homies with the mass message like, “come thru, it’s lit”?  In Arabic: “تأتي من خلال ، هو مضاء” LOL I should put that on a shirt.  It has a nice ring to it when you hit the speaker in google translate and the Arabic robot says is.

In my opinion they should have just invited some girls and thrown a party.  ISIS doesn’t get down like that though.  They basically do the opposite of anything I think is cool or sane.

I feel so privileged seeing what a terrible life people have in places like Syria.  So many cool people there I bet, and they have to live in such shitty / oppressive conditions.  I bet they don’t even have Tinder there!  Outrageous… I’m outraged.


Gat tip: Chris


It’s. About. To. Go. DOWwwwwwwwwwn:

Well The main guy has scary tattoos, a luxurious beard, Oakley M frames, and a chest rig.  His boys have a fair amount of multicam on, and various Oakley’s as well… so basically what could possibly go wrong?

I always get a kick out of seeing contractors in basketball shoes or cross trainers, and random t-shirts out there operating.

ISIS-Goat-Hostage-TargetAs much as I’d like to see them go over there and surgically remove all the bad guys, I’m not that optimistic.  They just don’t have the information, equipment, and training that most military units have.  It’s a valiant cause though, I’ll give them that.

RT has more on this story along with an interview with an Iraq war veteran on the topic.

Thoughts?  Do you see this ending well?

Gat tip: Keith


This is interesting *shifty eyes* haha:

Defend-WaifuI had no idea what a waifu was, but urban dictionary educated me as usual.

*shrug* whatever floats your boat.

Gat tip: no uno