The Israelis make my job easy.  Kosher Costa shows us what’s up:

Everything was just talking up until 1:10.  Cool widened fat horse stance bro…. oh… oh… oh LAWWWWWD this is beautiful:


Robot cheek index!  haha the temple index was SOOoooooo last week.

If this actually works for the Israelis I’m convinced it’s because the enemy is bent over LOL’ing.

5:42 – “Part of the presentation is loading a round”  <— yea tell me more about how this method is better than carrying one in the chamber.

Someone needs to develop an Israeli training aid that has a fat cartoon horse to sit on, which is connected to cheek pads.  The whole thing could have a hinge on one side to drop down to the ground for the “take a knee” reloads.

7:27 – Getting gently patted while you’re doing pushups  and assembling your firearm is like Navy Seal Special Ranger Recon Advanced Hyper Special Ops style training.

Kosher-CostaIf you like what you see, and want to learn more about the fat horse stance and robot cheek index make sure to train with Masada Tactical.  They are based out of Baltimore, MD… the kosher tactical Jewish training epicenter of the universe (I made that last part up).


Hat tip: Brandon, Dawud


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Tactical Handgun Operation. A lot of drop-leg holsters and single knee-pads on these operational operators:

0:00 – Check if everyone’s weapon is unloaded before throwing all caution to the wind.

0:29 – Sunglasses go on… shit is about to get real.

1:00 – Wait… he’s not pointing his gun at the students and pulling the trigger is he?  Oh… YUP… Yes he is. *facepalm*

1:10 – Tells all his students to do the same thing back at him while he walks in front of as many muzzles as possible.

4:00 – Pivot or die.

5:45 – Those pivots and shuffles tho.  AAHAHHAHA

Derp-Tactical-Handgun-OperationDefinitely some good info in this video later on, and most of it does conform to the classic school of thought surprisingly.

Was this a special class for low speed high drag old guys trying to get a break from their wives?

<-- This picture sums the video up beautifully. Thoughts?  Would operate with? Hat tip: no uno


Oy vey, the shiksa defense mindset of Aaron Elbaze:

Where everyone is issued a right knee-pad and a sweet black screen printed team shirt.  Between carrying unloaded guns, and their wacky range shenanigans I just can’t take the Israelis seriously when it comes to the firearms training videos I’ve seen.

0:21 – LOL great start to the video. The pistol bastardized bumpfire spray and pray really sets the tone.

What’s the bullshit Krav Maga angle of all this?  Is that the finesse part like how they hold their hand out while they are shooting (2:12) and then run down to the target and mime tactically facepalming it?  Is it the sweet synchronized moves at 2:25?  Nothing like shooting and pausing at the same time when engaging someone who’s shooting back.  Oh well, as long as you’re looking cool and making noise.

2:47 – wtf is that?  “The feel good terrorist room”?  Where you can feel good about yourself for killing 12 paper bad guys, while convincing yourself your speediness and low drag will translate to real life?

Israeli-Krav-Maga-ShootingOperator-In-HebrewI took the liberty of googling the hebrew translation of operator for you guys.

These guys have a website called Krav Maga OIS which isn’t in English, but has some very HSLD photos on it.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?

Hat tip: Van


You’re probably not operator enough to understand this:

Operators operate with so much finesse over in Israel.  I wonder if like their nice clothing, that finesse with someday also reach our shores?  I see the vid is watermarked 2002, so god only knows how fancy they are now.  My guess is it would embarrass the shit out of us and our standard tactical training.

I put so many moves from this vid in my long term memory.  You’ll notice to look the coolest you have to roll with a tight crew that all dresses the same; absolutely crucial.


Hat tip: Al


Isralei gunshots on a beat!  What u ever hear harder than that?

Those guys definitely are making their rifles burs.  Real talk.

I wanna see the IDF feature the Basement Rapper on their next gunshot beat vid.


Hat tip: Jay


Madonna is obviously starving for some media attention:

Madonna, follower of Jewish-sect Kabbalah, began it in a glass confessional as a Hebrew prayer was read then shot her way out with a rifle and burst into her hit Girl Gone Wild.

Later, during Revolver, she wielded the Kalashnikov AK47 automatic rifle, used by modern-day insurgents, while a dancer held an Israeli-manufactured Uzi.

Full story – HERE

Those pics are from her concert a few days ago in Tel Aviv.  Mission Accomplished with the controversial move to use guns to gain media attention.  So original material girl. *eye roll*

She should have went “all in” and had an interlude/skit where she was the anti-material girl, and shot an anti-materiel rifle at watermelons placed at the beyond the crowd.  Waving guns around on stage by themselves is amateur.