Yes… Doody was not a typo.  Here, check this and you’ll see what I’m saying:

That’s Jethro International brining the heat haha.  I’m sure the Israelis will love it.  Everyone else who isn’t scared to carry one on the chamber can stick with a holster which doesn’t have all sorts of moving parts and things to go inside the trigger guard etc… *smh*

I blogged about a very similar product way back in 2012, which has another hilarious video to go along with it if you want to check it out.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?

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My best friend had a Hypertrax when I was young, and this reminded me of it.  I LOVED the hypertrax, however the battery life was like 5 minutes on a good day.  Oh and it was basically impossible to make turns with.  In hindsight it was actually a piece of shit… but it was fast so we all loved it.

I like the idea of using something as reliable as a Glock in this robot.  A lot of companies would have tried to reinvent the wheel, and create a proprietary weapon for something like this.

An Israeli company called General Robotics makes this thing.  Notice at 0:11 he just puts the magazine in the pistol, but doesn’t actually load it?  LOLOL classic Israeli carry method.  Damn they out here making up arbitrary safety rule for these robots too?  Is the design of the robot meant to mimic Israeli horse stance?  I could go on all day.



Israeli SF (Duvdevan) TIER 1 operator Aaron Cohen:

haha is this guy for real?  It appears so.

Those videos… too TIER for me.  I’d tap out and drink Capri Sun and eat falafel on the sidelines.  Maybe I’ll have to Take Aaron’s “Advanced Shuffle” course first, then I could hang.

I’m fully convinced anyone at all can be a firearms instructor and fill up classes.  You just have to have arrogance mixed with confidence, mixed with a curriculum containing some outlandishly bizarre components that you pass off as being “operator”.

What’s this pulling the charging handle every time at the start of the drill thing he has going on?  This isn’t Israel, it’s Venice California… Since when does US Law Enforcement not have one in the chamber?

Aaron-Cohen-TIER1-SOF-IsraeliIf you like what you see in the videos, by all means hit up Aaron at Cherries Covert Ops to attend his Counter-Terror National Training Center in Venice California.  Pick up some cargo pants, New Balance runners, aviator sunglasses, trucker hat, and an extra smedium v-neck t-shirt once you book your class.  Showing up without those key items will make you look like a chump, and Aaron will automatically know you’re not tier.


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Taught by Israeli military and special ops shooting instructor Kfir Cohen:

Don’t even think about making fun of this stuff guys;  remember… “Americans Shoot, Israeli’s FIGHT“.  You’re not operator to understand the Israeli methods.

0:02 – Strong opening, with everyone pointing guns and pulling the trigger at each other.  Although generally condemned by Americans, Israelis love this stuff.  It was also featured on Tactical Butthurt Professional Israeli Krav Systems instructor Nir Maman’s video I posted about a while back.

0:09 – If you yell, the bullets go faster.  This is science, don’t refute my claims.

0:17 – Hold up, did he just fake-reload without taking a knee *smh* we might have an Israeli tactical imposter on our hands.

0:26 – Run down the road then a tactical robotic butthole clench “putting the brakes on” type move.  Straight out of the Israeli Operators Manual.

1:35 – Goes into medium sized horse ride / tactical poop stance

Nothing really notable happens after that point in the video.


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The below comment (essay) was left by Israeli Krav Systems instructor Nir Maman on the Kosher Costa And The Bottomless Pit Of Israeli Tactical Derp post.  Funny enough, Nir Maman is actually the instructor in the Cursory Safety Check Then Point Guns At Each Other And Pull The Trigger I poked fun at (which he conveniently failed to mention). Yea it’s really long winded, but an interesting / funny read.  An occasional occurrence on these Israeli derp videos is that other Israeli instructors or methodology enthusiasts say “they’re doing it wrong!”… the below comment is no exception.  Anyway, this guy is very disappointed in us, and our reaction to the video.   Read why in the below 2055 word (yes it’s that long, I shit you not) essay:

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The Israelis make my job easy.  Kosher Costa shows us what’s up:

Everything was just talking up until 1:10.  Cool widened fat horse stance bro…. oh… oh… oh LAWWWWWD this is beautiful:


Robot cheek index!  haha the temple index was SOOoooooo last week.

If this actually works for the Israelis I’m convinced it’s because the enemy is bent over LOL’ing.

5:42 – “Part of the presentation is loading a round”  <— yea tell me more about how this method is better than carrying one in the chamber.

Someone needs to develop an Israeli training aid that has a fat cartoon horse to sit on, which is connected to cheek pads.  The whole thing could have a hinge on one side to drop down to the ground for the “take a knee” reloads.

7:27 – Getting gently patted while you’re doing pushups  and assembling your firearm is like Navy Seal Special Ranger Recon Advanced Hyper Special Ops style training.

Kosher-CostaIf you like what you see, and want to learn more about the fat horse stance and robot cheek index make sure to train with Masada Tactical.  They are based out of Baltimore, MD… the kosher tactical Jewish training epicenter of the universe (I made that last part up).


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