From the Asymmetric Derp Warfare post… Operator Ben Goldstein stopped by with this lengthy rebuttal comment:

I must admit, the individual who took my video off of my website, and then inserted his own information into it (headlines, description, some utter nonsense about “Tier Zero Operator” or whatever it was, is a talented hack. Why someone would want to do such a thing is something I am still trying to figure out. Anyone here who isn’t a half wit can simply compare the original with what is posted above. That copyright infringement and hack of a video is not my own.
At no time am I in front of a shooter while a pistol is loaded. That means ever. In 10 years of training groups of civilians and LE both in the USA and Israel, I have never had a safety infraction or a ND.

I will never speak of my own merits or lack thereof. Rather, I let those who I train speak for me. Ego is not something I bring to the training session. I leave each session with no voice, bruised and bloodied. I give it my soul and I expect the same in return from those who train with me. The verbal and physical stress I induce is just that. Never do I put a shooter down. Ever. Respect is a two way street.

Of course, this IS the internet and everyone has their opinions and remarks to make based on snippets of video, and none of the folks doing so have ever participated amongst the hundreds of shooters I have trained. Now, if you would like to comment AFTER running through a course with me, then by all means, have at it. But, to talk out of your mouth as if you are talking out of your ass is just that…talk.

Put up or shut up. Next time I am stateside, I invite any instructor or any person for that matter, to take a session and then I welcome your thoughts and critiques afterwards. Don’t simply spew the stuff you learned during your NRA instructors course, or maybe learned during your annual 2 day training session at _______ tactical movie stars training facility. Grab your pistol and a few mags, please don’t show up dressed like a SWAT operator on crack, bring an open mature mindset to learn techniques created by and used by the Israeli Counter Terror Training schools and operators (tweaked for use in the American market,) and then argue with me, face to face, like a man, as to WHY the methods I teach are “wrong”, or “stupid”, or whatever term you have used to describe them. I truly welcome the opportunity. I always ask those I teach to argue with me at every turn. We build better warriors by learning from each other.

Aggression, developing keen situational awareness, efficiency of movement, and establishing a warrior mindset…these are the primary goals in the training. If you are an olympic shooter, thats great. if you are fairly new to handguns, that’s also great. You own a custom tricked out multi barrel Glock 3000 handed down to your grandfather, father and then to you by the late Col Cooper? Awesome! Now lets use it and abuse it to see when and why it fails.

All training is based on techniques used daily by the Israeli counter terror instructors and operators. These are people who I work with daily, who I have been working closely with for over 12 years, and are the top in their fields in Israel. I am not, nor will I ever claim to be, an uber tacticool Ninja. But I am an aggressive warrior who faces fear and danger and moves forward into it. Those are not hollow words.

I never suggest that one method is superior to another. But I always suggest people have an open mind to soak in other techniques and methodologies.
If this sounds negative to you, there is no hope for you. Continue with your flaming and your keyboard commando rants. It’s probably all you will ever be good for anyways, so enjoy your 15 minutes.

The Israeli method is extremely aggressive, with nearly continuous forward/attack based movement. It’s fast and violent and unforgiving. It is not what you are used to. It is not Politically Correct. Our shopping mall guards are trained better in counter terror and suicide bomber interdiction than most shooters will ever be Stateside. That is simply a fact of life of where we live and where you live.

We do things that you have never seen before and your initial reaction is to discount anything that you haven’t seen done by one of the instructors you are already familiar with. Shit, it’s come to a point where if you don’t have a goatee and are on national TV or in SWAT mag, you aren’t worth the time of day. If this is the approach you take, I feel sorry for your immaturity and ignorance.

The folks who train with me range from fairly new to the world of firearms, to LE, to Combat Focus trained instructors, to Federal LE Instructors, to students of Vickers, Rogers and other instructors. They are typically not one-off students. They come back each and every year for more. they are also range owners/operators, Former US Army Rangers, former Marines and just about everything in between.

Again, to stress the obvious, the things you see on a video clip may be from someone who just picked up a pistol or rifle for the first time. The methods you see (one handed scanning, shooting on the run, using verbal and physical methods to create stress and confusion, verifying the condition of your firearm before advancing, learning how to properly insert a magazine while maintaining situational awareness, chambering a rifle/carbine while bringing it into fire position…etc…) are all methods that if you actually spent the energy to train on them, you may actually learn something new and effective. In case you haven’t heard, Israeli’s have been fighting terror long before 2001.

For those that disagree, you are entitled to disagree, unless that right has been stripped from you as well under this administration.

I wish you all peace and comfort.
Ben Goldstein


Looks like his feathers were ruffled enough to have the video pulled from YouTube.  I’m not sure why he would bother getting it removed since he defends everything in it in his comment.  What a shame.

Operator-Ben-Goldstein-Israeli-Combat-TrainingA lot of big talk in that comment of his.

Thoughts?  If you want to reply to him, here is the link directly to his comment.


You haven’t really trained until you’ve trained under operator Ben Goldstein:

Elite operator combat training course instructed by a Tier Zero Israeli operator commando asset who has operated on multiple organic full spectrum dynamic systematical operational operations. With this training develop an aggressive operator warrior mindset that breeds a kinetic nonlinear response to exploit and dominate the enemy in an unconventional and asymmetric fashion.

Wow right out of the gate my mind was blown with this vid:

0:11 – Adjusting (wtf?) loaded handguns in student’s hands.  The closest Glock is loaded says the chamber indicator anyway so I’m assuming they are all loaded getting ready for a drill.

0:15 – In case of home invasion distract intruder by putting non shooting hand up by ear holding up all 5 fingers while awkwardly rotating your body to shoot from the stomach

0:25 – “Using Proven Israeli Methods” followed by the most epic trigger slapping I’ve witnessed in a while.  It even went on past slide-lock. Bravo sir bravo…

0:54 – Swinging a yellow pole angrily at the students.  That stress training to create a positive warrior mindset.

1:14 – “You will train to become a warrior. A person that moves towards the sound of gunfire, not away from it”.  Yea something tells me no carry class in the country, nor any reputable firearm self defense course is going to tell you to fight someone else’s battle.

1:27 – Approximately 10 seconds to get an AK ready to fire.  You’re dead old man… pick a new rifle or leave self defense to the young whippersnappers.

1:41 – I’m loving the exaggerated perimeter scan.  Very Hollywood.  Upside down AR-15 mag in some kydex too is operator.  That fool’s kydex got mo’ retention than a motherfucker.

1:47 – Flap your arms with your handgun and your mag before every reload.

1:59 – Did he seriously train this girl to shoot like that?  Eyes closed, elbows bent, shitty grip

2:07 – “You won’t have a choice, because he just forced combat on you” – SURPRISE COMBAT!

2:22 – “Train hard and prepare for the worst” I’m thinking with these guys should be more like “Train the worst and prepare to fail hard.”

2:24 – I burst out laughing at this – “THIIIIIIIS is trigger control” *agressive mag toss*  He might as well just finished that sentence with “you stupid sons of bitches” because it was about as belittling.

2:28 – And were back to walking infront of students with (probably loaded) guns

2:43 – LOL verbally bitch slapped this guy into a kneel / reload / fire then goes into some dialogue like a hypnotist.

3:08 – Once again, some more loaded guns to walk infront of and adjust

3:14 – “We always attack, we never give up, we never die”

3:38 – Sweet grip brah.  Make sure you get that thumb behind the trigger so you can make it reset quicker to satisfy your operator needs.

3:52 – “SCAHHHHHHHN SCAHHHHHHN” *everyone puts non trigger hand up by head and looks around like idiots*

4:23 – Become your greatest fear with Israeli Combat Training.  Well my greatest fear is being a Tier 0 Derperator so I think I found the right place.

5:21 – Oh shit the tactical yellow pole is back.

5:54 – Charging on the come-up.  Definitely adding that move to my bag of operational tricks.

6:10 – I’ve seen butter that wasn’t as smooth as that transition.

7:00 – Probably the most awkward and useless looking drill I’ve ever seen. 

7:23 – Old white dude attempts the same drill with added yelling from the instructor.  “Scan… breathe… Bring it in… bring it in… fucking awesome. I SAW your first shot I SAW them right here.”

Operator-Ben-Goldstein-Israeli-Combat-TrainingIs this real life?  I appears so.  They even have a website.  If you live in the Southern part of Florida, Memphis TN, or in Little Rock AR, it looks like you can get training from these guys pretty easily.  If you don’t, no need to fret, according to their class schedule page they will travel anywhere in the country for training sessions.


Hat tip: Ryan


You’re probably not operator enough to understand this:

Operators operate with so much finesse over in Israel.  I wonder if like their nice clothing, that finesse with someday also reach our shores?  I see the vid is watermarked 2002, so god only knows how fancy they are now.  My guess is it would embarrass the shit out of us and our standard tactical training.

I put so many moves from this vid in my long term memory.  You’ll notice to look the coolest you have to roll with a tight crew that all dresses the same; absolutely crucial.


Hat tip: Al