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Why you askin so many questions huh?

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The Italians know grease:

Watching the video after a few whiskey sours, the way he explained the testing machine was way over my head.  Like come on… we get it Tony, your machine is about to get some good metal on metal action going.  He could have saved the math talk and just said something about friction and called it a day, but nooooo he had to get all Leonardo da Vinci on us.

I love how he punks the other gun oils by adding more weight and sand repeatedly to their tests.

*insert stereotypical zinger about pizza here*

tmnt-drugs-pizzaI don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty confident Italian Gun Grease would suffice in the operations I normally operate in.  If you’re not already sold, I hear it makes a good dipping sauce if you mix it 1:1 with balsamic vinegar.



A wedding photographer in Sicily was accidentally killed when he asked the prospective bride and groom to pose for a picture using hunting rifles as props – and one of them went off

Full story – HERE

Terrible that the photographer lost his life. As usual the news outlets are touting it as an “accident”… it’s not an accident when you treat a gun as a toy (or prop in this case) and don’t do something as basic as checking to see that they are unloaded and rendered safe.  If the photographer wasn’t familiar with guns he should have told the couple that he was not comfortable that he would be safe, and then declined to do that part of the shoot.

Thanks to Josh T for the first pic in the post.  Hilarious job.

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