ITS Tactical

A look at morale patches, and a community that ITS Tactical just started:

Cool stuff.  This interests me because I recently started getting ENDO Apparel into morale patches, after many people have been bugging me for them.  I really was naive to the popularity of morale patches until recently… guys are pretty obsessed with them.

hook-and-loop-societyVisit the Hook & Loop Society website for instructions on how to join.

I’ll be talking about my first morale patch here on the blog quite soon, so stay tuned.

Are a lot of you guys into morale patches?


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Full instructions over at ITS Tactical.  I’m not sure how solvent resistant these things are.  My guess is not very, considering they are meant to repel girl sweat, and the sweat of guys who go to yoga to look at girls.

Spoiler Alert:
Step 1: Tell your girlfriend her yoga mat is now your gun cleaning mat.




Come for the collab, stay for Bryan Black & MrColionNoir:

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedI’ve always been a big fan of Bryan as a person, and ITS Tactical as a company.  Great branding, great products, great information, great people.  Make sure to click the link and check out his site if you’re not already familiar… you’ll definitely learn something.

5:45 – “If you’re a baller and you can afford the PVS-14 and a dedicated scope, that would be the optimal thing” – Oh god Yeager used the term “baller”

7:11 – Oh shit… the reverse Oreo.  MrColionNoir’s got jokes ;)