Mattv2099 drops it like it’s hot:

Matt is sponsored by Ivory, but not the honey manufacturer… that’s why you don’t see brand labels on the honey.  Because I’m a loser though, I entered the numbers off the barcode into Amazon and volia… Kirkland (Costco) 5lb clover honey.  Additionally I nerded out and scanned it with Google Goggles to get the same result:


Mattv2099-ENDO-Builders-ClubHoly that was exhausting… I’m not used to doing work for posts like that. Normally I say some derpy things then move on. Please at least comment on how blown away you were by my sleuthing, and how I taught you a valuable life skill.

His YouTube comments are disappointing on this one… everyone is too happy and complimentary.  Not enough people getting trolled.



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Taofledermaus with an invention to clean and disperse hobos at the same time:


“99 44⁄100% Pure 12GA Awesome”.  They actually worked a lot better than expected.

Wow I just noticed Tao has 176,000 subscribers.  Impressive stuff.  I’m surprised some of his videos don’t get as much hate as Mattv2099 gets on a daily basis, even though they do some similar things but Mattv2099 takes more of a trolling delivery and approach I suppose. Glad to have them both on the blog as a commenters.



Poachers gonna poach. Vice takes a look:

Holy that makes me mad.  It’s a tough call though since there is a market for it.  I mean if you live in Kenya and your wife and kids are literally going to die if you don’t shoot and elephant and cut out its tusks, then I suppose that’s what you have to do.

They need to squash the market by throwing people who traffic ivory, and the people who buy it in jail for a very long time.

3:30 – I guess I knew they wouldn’t be using carbon fiber compound bows, but I didn’t think they would be working with something that primitive!

Elephant-Gun-Sketch-Drawing4:03 – Is that an HK G3? $100?!  I’ll take all you have sir.



Gold, Diamonds, Platinum, Ivory, Turtle Sheel, Bull Horn, Silk…. *PEW* *PEW*





Source – NotCot

Hopefully coming to a rap video near you.  Designer David Roux Fouillet created a custom jig for his airgun and some custom bullets which he then fires into a custom ring.  The bullets smash everything together and create the setting.

Here is a slow motion video of it in action:

Ouch, that shot in the video straight disrespect his mount.  Pieces everywhere!  Must have been made out of some pretty cheap metal considering it’s just an air gun firing the bullet.


I like this idea a lot, but naturally the use of an air gun rather than a large caliber rifle leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Maybe next dinner plate sized platinum medallion I decide I need, I’ll holler at Richard Ryan, and him and I will create a platinum .50 BMG “LUX AS _ _ _ _” load and blast it out of his Barrett. Ball so hard…

<– Dude’s logo is on point!  He has a website too, but unfortunately it’s just a splash page with the logo and his email address.