Case in point.. back to back in my feed:

I’m genuinely worried about the Polenar Tactical guys’ ventilation sitch… did you see that smoke when they shot the gasoline t-shirt?  Smoke literally hung in the air.  At a well ventilated range that would be sucked out so quickly once you turned on the fans.

Obligatory Cokeman video:

I’m not mad at it though.  Is it really any surprise that a gun that shoots a 1/2″ round, is often gold, and comes in a tiger striped option became a meme gun? 😂


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Wild’in out with this eLog bullshit:

Drake-Middle-Fingersya Pfffft eLog… shit is tres 1995.  I mean like does it even have iTunes? 2-Step Authentication? Finger print reader? Retina scanner? Blood sample for DNA comparison getter? Voice recognition where you spit your favorite Dylan or Drake verse?  These are all the things I believe should be present before some blood thirsty killer (military or not) should be able to fire a shot.  Oh yea and the GPS should make sure you’re not within 100 miles of a school, on foreign and domestic soil.  For the children.

Thoughts?  Excited for the trickledown to civilians haha?

Hat tip: Reid