This is actually kind of cool:

Experience total freedom of movement even in the most hostile environment, unaffected by climate, harsh vegetation or body constraining gear. The B-Active kinetic structure, with preformed sleeves and knees featuring elastic inserts that can be combined with the first two layers of Beretta’s BCMS modular clothing system, will provide unmatched comfor t and freedom of movement in any weather. The waterproof insert in antiabrasion Kevlar® and Cordura® for the body regions at greatest need will protect you even in the thickest and harshest undergrowth. Everything is designed to allow you to concentrate on your adventure: from the B-Active pockets (patent pending) on the front to the B-Balanced game bag with its revolutionary adjustment system, to the inside pockets on the shoulders to house the Beretta Recoil Reducer.

Good for Beretta for doing something different and pushing the purpose built design boundaries.  Kevlar and Cordura.. I like that.  Tough stuff.

0:55 – I was like Black Rob style “WHOA“.

Too bad it says “BERETTA” on the chest.  If they went low key Arcteryx Veilance style (all praise and respect due) I’d be sold, even though I’m not riding around getting it with a shotgun that often.

1:36 – When you want to show ladies the gun show, but you lazy and don’t want to take your jacket off.

1:45 – Nxt lvl seam taping.

Beretta-Thornproof-Jacket1:57 – OH SHIT transition to cape!  That’s what most of the Acronym jackets I’ve been considering buying also do. v rare.

Beretta also has a clothing line which I blogged about, for the less tactical gent who just lounges with females and only flies private.

I don’t see this Thornproof jacket up on their website yet, but I’m sure it will be shortly.


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If they made this type of infantry experience available to civilians as a weekend camp, I think it would be pretty popular. I’m thinking rich business men would be down for this kind of adrenaline rush.

They should start the training out with an R. Lee Ermey “Full Metal Jacket” style reaming.

Damn good idea to have such realistic training. Better to learn from your mistakes in training then do potentially die or become a liability in real combat.

Strategic Operations website – HERE

Hat Tip: Solomon


Full Metal Jacket vs StarWars movie mash up:

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgFgEqm3o60[/youtube]

LOL R. Lee Ermey as Vader… Priceless.