Sorry to get your hopes up… just a scope they put on a jackhammer for 30 minutes:

Operating in some pretty intense operations.  I’m taking a wild guess that they had to re-zero it before firing those shots… but who knows maybe they didn’t?  If they didn’t have to re-zero, it would have been helpful to show a quick disconnect mount re-attached with just a level pull.  Either way it’s impressive the internals weren’t rendered useless, turning that scope into a expensive grown-up rattle.

I wonder if Nightforce, Trijicon, and some of those other high end brands would pass this same test with flying colors?


Why can’t companies ever bring humor to things?  This would have been a perfect opportunity to have a model seductively attach the scope, and then hand it all off to a fat construction worker type guy who would “let his stomach do the work”.



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