Jackson Gordon

Basement tested, over protective mom / cheeto purchasing lady approved:

When I heard 1/4″ KYDEX I let out a *PFFFFFFFFFFFFttttttttttt* of epic proportions.  This suit is going to get some kid killed.  Batman can deflect bullets… 1/4″ kydex would end up with a real nice hole in it even with the smallest caliber. He actually does only say “bladed weapons” in the above video though.  Best case scenario I see guys getting their asses handed to them while wearing this suit + some restraining orders from some “damsels in distress” they were trying to help.  Ya not rapey at all to have a guy in a batsuit approach you and ask if you need help with your bags in a fake gruff Batman voice… *smh*

Dude is so gassed off his Batman type moves in the vid, it’s fun to watch. Seeing his hair move in slow motion after getting hit with the pipe in the secondary test video is entertaining too haha.

Batman-2nd-AmendmentOh thank god… I searched for the Kickstarter project fully expecting basement dwellers to have thrown like $5Million dollars at this project, but apparently there is some common sense in the world because he only raised $1255.

Thoughts?  Don’t lick the cheeto dust off your fingers and go for that credit card just yet… only the mask is avaible to purchase, not the full suit.  You can read more about the project over at the Armatus Designs website.