James Reeves

Throwback reproduction straight from Glock Austria.  Whoa this is awesome:

James does his thing and asks the questions that needed to be asked.  I can’t believe Glock didn’t have the original molds… interesting!

The P80 model number initially confused my pea brain because I was like, huh so is this a polymer 80 collab with Glock but Lipsey’s is selling it? (Obviously not the case)

3:05 – My man really had to shoehorn in the fact Larry Vuitton is his homeboy.  Granted I would do the same at every opportunity.

3:55 – 🙌 THE OG TUPPERWARE!  You love to see it.

Just a note, the ENDO AR-15 stock adapter will fit this too since it’s a GEN1. 😊

6:59 – IS THAT A GEN4 speed loader on the mag? 😩😖

Lipsey’s is a distributer, but you can search for the retailers they supply here if you’re interested – $669 MSRP.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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James gives 7 reasons why 😂:

hahah James really gets into it, pure gold. Sadly I never got to see the AK Guy video about why the AR-15 sucks, before YOUTUBE REMOVED IT FOR BULLYING 😩. Dudes be like “ShUddAh uZEd FuLL ThUrdy” ahaha.

I hope Brandon the AK bully gets his video sorted out so I can watch it too.



TFB James went to Thunder Ranch and interviewed the man himself:

Very well done interview.  James is such a natural in front of the camera, and in the interview-type setting.

That’s a cozy lux looking room they’re in.  Looks like a pro 2A restoration hardware catalog pic.

LOL the Whole Foods question had me shook. Clint doesn’t know what whole foods is… I go ~4 times per week.



TFBTV mailroom sesh with some ENDO on it:

The episode starts with a sour beer.  Sour beers are definitely my preference.  Oregon in general is very IPA centric, but a lot of breweries at least normally have at least one or two sours they rotate in seasonally – shout out my two favs pFriem and Ferment.  When I go to California in winter I can’t believe the selection they have at some of the breweries there… it’s insane.  I’m going to shout out Belching Beaver and Indian Joe‘s because those are the two that came to mind that continually blow my mind in CA.

I always enjoy these mailroom vids when I watch them.  Figured it was a good time to post one since I sent a couple things in.  Man talk about a fail for not writing anything funny to insert into the package like literally EVERYONE else does 😬… whoops oh well I had a lot going on, I’ll write something funny next time.  Nice of James to shout out ENDO Apparel and say he enjoys the blog so much… I’m always happy that James and the other 6 of you plus my mom continue to support my high class online journalism.  I definitely will try not to take as many days off.  I’m working on a lot of new stuff right now though… so it seems that leaves less time for blogging, unless I stay up way too late.

11:20 – LOL someone sent in gradient pink shorts in a Victoria’s secret box.  James handles it all like a sir, and even puts them on.

Thoughts? Man, TFBTV youtube is always killing it with the content.


haha Brandon keeps stoking the fire with new content.  He set fire to the booth on this one:

The flow is actually on point, I’m legit impressed / very surprised.  His new instagram is @TheRealBrandonHerrera , I’m not sure why his old one got nuked… but half the time the people themselves don’t even know because it’s all so vague.  Maybe they thought he was selling guns on the platform and it violated the TOS?

Oh man the James Reeves (@GunShorts) cameo at the start is pure gold.  Since he’s using IG on the iPad I will mention how much I despise that in 2019 they still have not come out with an iPad specific app.


Sorry I’ve been slow on posting lately guys, I’ve been working on getting a bunch of new stickers, shirts and patches up on ENDO, along with tweaking the design of the site a bit.


James Reeves is a gun prince among men.  Good taste too with the Rolex Submariner… hehe Monica.  I can’t say that I share his love for shorts with a 1″ inseam, but I also am 6’4″ and would look like a damn giraffe in them.  Whether or not James rocks those shorts on a regular basis off camera, I don’t know, but what I do know is it has become an integral part of his brand now that even his instagram account is @gunshorts haha.

9:19 – I wonder if those are brass scars?  Also, anyone speak Russian… What does Jade Struck’s tattoo say?

Yoooo and this Halloween special that James did is the best thing I’ve seen in a while.  I don’t know why it didn’t show up in my YouTube feed, but I saw it again just now on IG when I looked at his page and I was reminded I should post:

How does that only have 27,000 views?  I know the “It’s gotta be the algorithm that’s screwing gun videos” is an overused thought but seriously with the 543,000 subscribers TFB has why haven’t more people seen this?  This is the type of gun content I have internet access for period.