James Yeager

Aw.. what the heck guys?¬† I haven’t been up on my usual YouTube news and gossip in a long time then this comes across my screen when I was scrolling. ūüėę

If he’s terminally ill, and ALS is degenerative.. how does that work going to another country when your health is getting rapidly worse?¬† I could be wrong, but I don’t think you could be teaching people to shoot and then all of the sudden just die the next day from ALS.¬† I assumed it would get to the point where you would be in a hospital etc.. first.¬† He says around the 9 minute mark that he has lost at least 25% of his strength in his arms and has muscle tremors and what not.¬† I appreciate where his heart is at regardless.


P.S. Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my edge on the blog, but I just didn’t think it was the post for one of the certified classic James Yeager memes we have known and loved over the past 15 years when I and we as a group would give him a rough time.¬† Also, I might have to give John (HMF Warrior Poet IC) another chance, as he did ask some thoughtful questions, which evoked thoughtful answers from James in this which I enjoyed.¬† I guess I knew John was thoughtful from the get go years back, but my thought in the past was that the delivery always came across as acting the part of a character he developed, rather than authentic.¬† Maybe I was wrong about that though, and he’s the same way off camera as he is on camera.¬† I don’t know but I’ll have to check some more vids of his out when I get a chance, as I did enjoy this one.

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I’m always down for a factory tour:

Yea yea it’s Yeager, which I know some of you guys are going to be upset about and not watch because of that.¬† I don’t really pay much attention to his videos anymore because they aren’t like they used to be.¬† I still click around on the videos, but most of them are trying to sell something, are overly/comically intellectual, or contain any one of his buddies who I almost always find annoying.¬† Yea I miss the old Yeager… when I say that I’m talking photographers down range, duel contract, calling Instructor Zero a clown, will kill anyone who tries to take his guns etc.. James Yeager.¬† ¬†For his own physical and mental wellbeing, and in order to stay out of prison I think this current Yeager version is probably a good choice.



Inventing terms like “Inter-trainer”¬†meaning “Internet Trainer”:

hahah at dudes doing press checks all the time. ¬†That’s my favorite operator move… tactical jerking motion punch out and snatch back to T-REX position then rapid slide clicking to see what’s going on inside the chamber. ¬†Oh and naturally that’s followed by a no-look speed re-holstering of the gun.



hahah this guy gets butthurt and makes videos about the most random stuff:

Q: Is he a shill, is he not a shill?
A: Nobody cares, but here’s a 9 minute video mainly illustrating how much he likes to hear himself talk, how important and credible his opinion is, how connected he is, and how his YouTube channel employs two full time people.

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedSHILL COUNT: UNKNOWN (unnecessarily high, and yes I’m too lazy to count)

Thoughts?  Do you miss the old Yeager as much as I do?  Threatening to kill people was so much more interesting an entertaining than getting butthurt like a little girl over things people on the internet say.


This guy is problematic on purpose… for marketing, and it seeming works for him:

Advanced-FaggotryLOL this guy. ¬†I’m not one for keeping up on the changing sensitive words either, but I also don’t go out of my way to try and piss people off by using words I know certain groups don’t like;¬†especially when around those groups.

2:26 – “I don’t know what’s happening to our country, but I assure you I will not conform.” Oh wow what a brave brave man. *eye roll*

Like the thumbnail implies, this video is Advanced Faggotry.  See what I did there? *smh*



James-Yeager-Angel-Approved0:38 – “My haters went…” *insert eye roll here*

One of the greatest accomplishments of this¬†blog, is that a follower¬†got¬†the “James Yeager Approved” Buck Yeager picture signed¬†at a gun show. ¬†Pure gold.

“You’re better off with training and no gun, than you are with a gun and no training.” Cool story bro.

Shooting… training… yea I get there’s a difference. ¬†I think the saying should be “You’re better off with a gun, than no gun… end of story”. ¬†I know some of your guys are going to cook Yeager in the comments for this video, referencing some of the things he said. ¬†*gets popcorn in advance*