Arts and crafts in Japan:

Wow right?  I really hope this is a class at a Japanese university, where students are being taught to make these.

1:17 – Comparing real .50 BMG brass to his cardboard version.

9:35 – Demonstration then crowd reaction.  LOL reminds me of the Supa Hot Fire dope lines reaction.  AHHAHA.

Domo Arigato Monicas.  Your contribution to the culture is much appreciated.

Cardboard-Barrett-M82A1P.S. – If you turn on subtitles, then do an auto translation to English some of them are hilarious.  I’ll warn you that absolutely none of them make sense in this case.  LOL 4:07 – “It is preoccupied face down acceleration”.

Gat tip: Kei

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Trust the Japanese to come up with something this cool:

cartoon-shrimpBattered and flamed shrimp hit the plate ready to eat.

The shrimp were pre-cooked (you can tell by the color), but that doesn’t make this less cool.  As usual the slow-motion is what really made the video awesome.

Yes you would operate with this shrimp gun… I know this so asking the question in this case is redundant.

We need an American steak gun video! Shoot a whole damn cow off the jump, and have it end up as a nice rib eye on a plate.

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My mind = blown:

The design has no locking mechanism, and it is just inertia of the barrel traveling backwards that holds everything together until the bullet leaves the muzzle (as with any blowback design). The recoil energy from the shot has no way to push the breech of the gun rearwards, and so instead it acts on the barrel, pushing it forward against the recoil spring until it locks in place, ready for the next shot.

When he pulled that barrel forward in the video I was like =)

What a neat design, very simple too.  I had no idea this even existed.

You can read more about it on Forgotten Weapons.

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“M1 Thumb” is in reference to yesterday’s post – HERE

Extremely rare Japanese Type 5 Garand. This is an extremely rare Japanese made copy of a U.S. Garand. It is estimated that only around 100 or so of these guns were built. The Japanese originally tried converting U.S. Garand to 7.7 Japanese caliber but had trouble with the American magazine design with the 7.7 round. They decided to try to build a copy of the Garand from scratch. These guns were made of the Yokosuka Arsenal as experimental guns, but these experimentals were forced into service due to the shortages towards the end of the war. This gun is chambered in 7.7 and has a 10 round captive magazine. The action works perfectly and the bore has strong rifling, but has darkness in the grooves. 90% plus finish remains on the metal and the wood shows minimal use. The magazine well cover is a perfect replacement. Very hard to find gun with only a handful known. Here is an opportunity to own one of the legendary rarities of WWII! Price – $29,500.00

Lots more pictures at the collectors site – HERE

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The total price of knocking over all 50 targets ends up at 5,360 yen. The actual price of the prizes totaled to 4,535 yen, so the festival booth guy made a profit of 825 yen. (About $10 USD)

Full story – HERE

If there is one thing The Simpsons taught me, it is to NEVER trust a carny.


The first episode of the Cat Shit One animated series is out, and blog reader Adam S was awesome enough to send it over for me to check out.

Here are my thoughts on it:

  • The animation and physics are incredible… It’s basically like a grownups version of Toy Story, but with animals and guns.
  • The camera angles in the animation are really neat as well, and really add to the viewing experience.
  • Sound effects and music are top notch.
  • One discrepancy I did note, is that the rabbit’s hearing protection is always at the side of their face, not where their ears are… not a big deal though.

The main rabbit character “Packy” has what looks like an m4, but it takes AK mags… a lot of people think that was a mistake, but it’s not. The rifle exists and is made by Knights Armament Company, model: KAC SR-47

Not that much happens in this 20 minute first episode, but I’m sure the story will develop more in the remaining episodes.

Cat Shit One Wikipedia page – HERE

Buy the first 3 graphic novels on Amazon if your interested here:

Have any of you guys seen it yet? If so, what did you think?